Top Reasons to Use Pinterest in 2015

January 24 2015

Only few of us have enough time or interest to use every single social media channel available to us. As a usual fact, many of us pick a few popular sites that generally seem to have the most traffic, and spend most of our time and efforts on these sites only to the best of our ability.


Viewing the metrics, it makes sense to select Facebook over Pinterest. The vital stats from 2014 suggest that Facebook’s 1.28 billion monthly active users totally overrule Pinterest’s meagre 40 million. Of course, looking at the sheer numbers, Pinterest doesn’t seem like a good investment. However, if you dive deep into the metrics, you can find extremely surprising facts that may change your mind about using Pinterest.

So, here are 3 compelling reasons as to why you should use Pinterest as one of your top marketing strategies for 2015.

  1. Better tool to reach out to the female audience

    Pinterest is truly a site for women. According to recent research, 80% of Pinterest users are female, and 92% of all the pins (on Pinterest) are made by women. You can’t possibly ignore these facts, especially if you are selling women-based products. Sure, women also enjoy other social media marketing platforms, and they might possibly be very active on those sites too. But if you need to reach out to women and you are not using Pinterest, it’s very clear that you could be missing out on a potential class audience.

  2. It’s best to post on weekend

    You are usually all cluttered up with your meetings, official calls, and other work associated with handling a full-time job; and this usually results in you having no time to post during days. Instead, you are tempted to handle these tasks in the evenings or during the weekends. Unfortunately, for most of the websites, this could imply spending a great deal of time trying to interact with people who just aren’t listening. This means you are simply wasting your time and not reaching your goals at all.

    On Pinterest, however, things are different. While the best time to post on Facebook is between 6 am and 8 am, Monday to Friday; the best time to post on Pinterest is Saturday morning.

  3. All you need is an enticing photo

    If you have got a nice image, consider your post is more than halfway complete. However, there are certain types of content that especially seem sticky on Pinterest. So, if you are working in these particular sectors or you are dealing with keywords that anyhow intersect these topics, Pinterest is perhaps the best option to go for.

    Some of these topics include food, drink, DIY projects, crafts and home décor.

Pinning: How to Start it?

After we have positively convinced you that Pinterest should be one of your new marketing plans, you will now need to know how to use this site efficiently in order to draw profitable results.

It does not take long to create a post for Pinterest. As a fact, we can craft a post in less than five minutes. This is because there is very little content to write and the same image that you used on your website, can be used to create the post. This typically includes a photo from a blog entry, a picture for a website home page or an image being used in a product catalogue.

As an additional plus, we can also share content posted by other people. We can add an extra little comment of our own to the image and re-pin it.

Unfortunately, there is a bit of bad news to share too; and this news is concerned with images.

Since Pinterest is a purely visual site, the images must be highly appealing. Recent research shows that the best images are taken at a close range, with very little background information. Typically, you should not show more than you must. Moreover, the photos should also be heavily coloured; black-and-white photos don’t get shared often.

Get Started

If you have never used Pinterest before, maybe it’s time to take a spin around the site and look at what others are doing. Get inspiration from other similar boards are trying to do something similar, or even better.