How to Create Social Media Images That Support Your Brand

December 11 2014

If you want to get maximum results from your visual content, you should use fonts, colors and effects that make your company’s images more recognizable. Graphics that go analogous with your company’s already established image associates with it an element of familiarity and connection, thereby increasing the audience engagement.

Let us explore simple design tactics that can help your audience immediately associate your images with your brand.

1. Logo Size and Placement should be uniform

The company should agree on a minimum size for their logo and apply it consistently across all of their social media images. The logo should have a reasonable size, neither too small nor overpowering the design.

social media images

As far as the placement is concerned, it should be consistent for the majority of your graphics. The best technique is to place it in the bottom right corner. This makes sure that your logo is not too overwhelming yet associating the product with your brand. If you still require changing the size or placement of your logo to suit a certain kind of design, ensure that it is aligned properly.

2. Consistent use of Fonts

Many designers prefer to use text overlays for giving headings, subtitles or body copy. If this is the case, three fonts should be used at max and that too throughout all of your social media graphics. You may use typeface that most commonly associates with your brand for increased recognition.

If you don’t have a brand font or are not using it, you may use script, uppercase or handwritten fonts for your header as an alternative; but make sure that the header is intelligible. Also, the font combinations for your title or subtitle should be kept consistent.

A popular style uses same font for subtitles and heading, but the font size for subtitles is kept smaller as compared to the headings or it is used with a different style like bold, italic, or increased letter spacing. As far as the body text is concerned, a completely different font can be used.

3. Integrate Brand Colors

Well-known brands tend to use same colors in their images, logo and text repetitively. Maintaining this consistency helps the viewers recognize the company and evokes feelings and emotions associated with that brand.

The identical approach can be applied to visual content of any company by choosing two to four colors and using them consistently in the social media products. The brand colors can be selected and saved by using hex-codes. You must recognize the exact colors for your brand and use only those colors in your visual content. It’s not necessary to use your brand colors in all of your images, but try to use them in at least 50% of your graphics. This helps people readily associate the colors with your brand.

4. Choose Images that Fit Your Style

It’s important to select a consistent theme no matter you are using images as a background or as stand-alone posts. In order to truly discover your company’s personality and search images to suit it, you need to understand the product or service you want to sell.

For example, if your website is health-oriented, you may use images that depict outdoor exercising, healthy eating habits and green landscapes. These pictures will help you depict your mission statement in a better way.

5. Use Clever Product Placement

If you don’t want to add your brand assets like fonts and colors to your designs, branding the images might become really difficult. An alternate way is to focus your image on your logo or product. You need to identify the right setting for clever placement of your product. This can be achieved by identifying the kind of experience you want to deliver via your product or service.

6. Signature Filters

Using photo filters gives a consistent look and feel to multiple images. While some filters work to brighten the images, others serve to enhance particular colors. Thus, you should have a clear idea about the desired look of your images; so, when you settle on a filter, you can use it to create a uniform look.

Whether it is fonts, colors or layouts, all of the design elements play a huge role in making your images stand out and your brand recognizable. If you wish to improve your brand recognition and drive more people to your business through your social media efforts, effective design tactics are surely your direct key to success.

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