How Can App Developers Improve and Become Better even if Programming Challenges Persist?

How Can App Developers Improve and Become Better even if Programming Challenges Persist?
August 31 2016

All software and app developers in web applications development, undergo a great deal of technical challenges, some technical others outright lack of appropriate timely decision making that separate the variance between successful as well as unsuccessful technical developers. Since making and developing applications is always a technical function, at times simple decisions making may ruin a great attempt.

Apply Unit Tests:

almost all programmers have experience at some point in time of their work: change some portion of the code in one area, and apparently in some different part something breaks down! The fact of the matter is that somehow, somewhere both new and changed code will inevitably contain bugs. It is wise and recommended to apply automated tests that help in keeping the old part of the code stable.
It is worthwhile to envision (visualize or predict) one step ahead by writing tests prior to precise or authentic code. It may give a whole new approach and outlook on ways to tackle hard issues problems and challenges.

Always Revise Fundamental Code:

if the underlying code is only visible only to the original programmer in the development team, it is always risky code, venture and precedent. This is because should the programmer become sick or leave the team, then there is no one left aware of or knowing specifics of how the software actually runs. Moreover, no matter how great and experienced developers are there is always potential and possibility of failure to notice certain ambiguities and only going for the easier options or solutions.

It is wise to be alert and avoid problems encouraging development and programming team members to always approve each other’s code. This helps achieve responsibility in quality control and creates sense of collective ownership of project’s code.

Imbibe and Practice Pair Programming:

pair programming is a practical and ideal tool to share knowledge in development teams. Combining or pairing junior and senior developer sitting in close sitting arrangement gives junior best opportunity to learn and adapt skills. Since, teaching provides immense chances to hone and polish skills, there is mutual benefit even for the senior team members.

It’s good to maintain and guarantee access to all to reach infront of the computer keyboard on a rotating basis in a participatory atmosphere.

Maintain Simplicity and Ease of Understanding:

making code complex makes it only hard for all even for some team members. Extremely complex solutions are hard to follow up and incase of hardship it’s a problem that is different in scale than earlier foreseen. Whereas, by keeping code simple it does not easily confuse developers as methods and approach are clear.

Make Code Design Patterns Consistent:

essentially several programming issues arise from few general categories. The generality of issues are all illustrated many times over. It’s better to study first and understand the challenge before the App developer. This dissects and opens ability to find and apply necessary and best proven practice as opposed to finding new paths.

While making and applying Web design patterns is technically not that daunting, it’s finding and writing exactly appropriate few lines of simple code design.