How to Develop Creativity and Self-Expression with Your Community Online?

What Is Creativity and Self-Expression?

Developing Creativity and Self-Expression includes using technology tools so that we can create a variety of creative works. Activities generally begin with a content area focus or central theme—for example, journals and publications, literacy for storytelling, advertisements on social media campaigns and arts through digital images and video production. Brand’s sentiments should be brought to life with the help of a video to connect the brand with its fans.

How to Develop Creativity and Self-Expression with Your Community Online

For any start-up, a creativity platform should:

1. Understand the inspirations of the designers
2. Produce enabling technology that caters to those inspirations
3. Have a strong and clear strategy to amplify boost the number of creators on the platforms.

The campaign should run across the company’s social media pages, including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Tumblr with a series of high quality images and quotes displaying branded products. Fans are also encouraged to participate in the activities on social media with a chance to win products or to have them featured on brand’s social media channel. Moreover, we can add a dedicated submission form on every social media platform.

It is important to understand our community, knock into their passion points, and accordingly offer them to join your page in order to add value to it.

Influence Your Community to Tell Your Story

The story discerns the community and pulls people in. We are frequently moved by the motivations of our community. What’s more? It is found that their stories are some of our most treasured assets.

The outcome: We will be able to create engaging assets, on a usual basis, that will increase awareness of our company’s mission. Our members who are introduced in the stories get to draw more attention to the causes that they champion. Eventually, we have created a community that feels more connected.

Here are the three tips to reach out and leverage the stories of your community most effectively-

1. Create your content and set your goals accordingly – Your first step is to choose what you need your content to achieve. Whether to inspire the community to get involved or to make them feel a connection with your brand. The best way to do this is to highlight the spark that can inspire the community to get involved.

2. Be transparent – When you reach out to the community members to share their stories, you should be very clear about the things you want to do with the information they will provide. Precisely, you should make sure that they are comfortable with your approach about their experiences that would appear on your blog, share this via social media, and highlight their names to make them feel connected with the brand.

3. Champion the efforts of your community – Your community is amazing all the time. Let them know it and make sure to keep the tone of all the stories clear and positive.

Good campaigns need not to have an official end date as you can fight the urge to get drawn into a campaign mentality and prioritize creating extraordinary experiences.

If we take these tips to heart and always keep this overall framework in mind, it will not only benefit your brand to connect with your audience, but do so in a profound way. If done right, it has the potential to go ahead of other strategies and generate the kinds of reliable interactions and relationships that eventually lead to brand ambassadors.