Latest Web Development Trends in 2023

Latest Web Development Trends in 2023
April 18 2019

Every year web development landscape witnesses unique and innovative trends and 2022 can expect the same. This year the trends promise to offer fresh ideas, better innovations, and new initiatives in the web development processes. From the growth of AI to the implementation of blockchain technology, this year we will witness some significant transformations. Following are some top web development trends to look out for in 2022:-

1 – Artificial Intelligence

The prominence of AI is only expected to grow in the year 2019. With the stir that AI chatbots and virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana etc. have generated, the need for AI-powered communication and analytics solutions will become more popular this year. It is expected that AI might achieve the goals that can successfully simulate real human empathy and exhibit commonsense knowledge.

2 – Modular Design

Modular design enables developers to reuse components to develop a web page eliminating the web development process with restricted templates. Developers can leverage it to develop content blocks that display information in a much more effective way. Creating a modular design web page is somewhat similar to building a lego set, each component should interlock with another.

3 – CSS Variables 

With people becoming more aware of what they can do, in 2019, there will be more use of CSS custom properties (CSS variables). The use of existing Sass properties will begin to tail off as the potential of CSS increases. When CSS Grid is used with variables, it makes it easy for you to adjust the layouts at different breakpoints with little code.

4 – JavaScript

JavaScript has been one of the most powerful languages for the past six years and it continues to develop. The frameworks, libraries, and designs have witnessed significant evolutions in the last six years, proving that this language has a lot to offer to the market.

5 – Single-Page Application (SPA)

It is a web-based application or website that communicates with users by rewriting the existing page dynamically instead of loading the entire new page from the main server. This helps in eliminating unnecessary interruptions and optimises users’ browsing experience. In a Single-Page application, either all relevant codes including HTML, CSS and JavaScript are retrieved in a single page load or these resources are loaded dynamically and added to the page in response to the users’ action.

6 – Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is basically a public distributed ledger, known for its decentralized consensus, secure design, and optimized resistance blocks. It is supported by transparent data and designed to reduce the business costs, and complexities of processing transactions, and improve cash flow.

7 – Motion UI

Motion UI is a SaSS library that creates custom CSS transitions and animations. It has a structure for apps that offer robust transition options, flexible CSS patterns, and an animation queuing system that can work efficiently with any JavaScript animation library. With web users increasing rapidly, web designers are using motion UI to design intuitive and captivating graphics. Static images and flash-based graphics are continuously relegating while motion UI is emerging to be the right solution.

8 – Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are bringing the digital world closer by combining websites, browsers, and mobile apps. Presently, even the most well-known companies are making a shift from websites to progressive web apps in order to improve their conversion rates and user engagement.

The web development industry is continuously growing in order to satisfy the ever-changing needs and expectations of modern consumers. Irrespective of what development project you are working on, it is important to stay updated with the latest trends in the respective domain in order to stay relevant in the marketplace. Above are the top web development trends in 2019 that every web developer must look out for in order to create a successful project.

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