Importance of Push Notifications

Importance of Push Notifications
August 09 2019

With an influx of apps competing to grab the attention of users, marketers have understood that getting users to download the app into their phones is only half the battle. The other half is keeping them from uninstalling it. Evidently, getting users to engage with mobile apps has become a challenging task. Over the past few years, push notifications have emerged as one of the proven marketing tactics to connect with your audience.

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are an easy and efficient means to communicate with your targeted audience. They are basically messages that are sent out from the installed apps to devices through notifications (dropdown). All the app or website requires is for the user to activate notifications for that particular app. Push notifications are widely used by almost every website and mobile app in order to share updated information or events related to the brand, even when users are not using the application.

Why Choose Push Notifications?

Irrespective of your app niche, you can leverage push notifications for the following use cases:-

  1. Collect feedback from your customers

  2. Provide information notifications with regards to any transactions

  3. Notify customers about new product arrivals

  4. Re-engage inactive users

  5. Notify users of price drop alerts

  6. Alert customers about pending products in their shopping carts

The Importance of Push Notifications

Following are the reasons to integrate push notifications into your website or mobile application:-

Stimulate User Engagement

Push notifications enable you to attract more customers with specific touchpoints. They allow you to send real-time updates and reminders to users, generating regular engagement opportunities. Over the last three years, push notification services have become a great way to stay in touch with your customers in a non-intrusive way while furnishing them with important and valuable information pertaining to the website or app.

[Pull Stat]- “According to Localytics, the average opt-in rate of push notifications among consumers is around 53.3%”

Obtain Immediate Reach

In the present competitive realm, the faster you are able to send across your message to the customer, the better are your chances to connect with them. Push notifications reach the targeted audience almost immediately. And the fact that it helps you connect with your customers even when they are not using the app makes this mode even more effective.

Improve Brand Consistency

Notifying your customers with regard to the latest deals, coupons, and special offers is a powerful way to obtain additional communication touchpoints in your marketing efforts. It generates a complementary marketing channel where you can provide value-added information about your brand. Push notification services are also a great way to generate a strong brand impression amongst your audience with the constant hammering of the brand logo along with the message.

Easy to Comprehend

Push notification is a technology that assists you to push relevant information to your users in an easy and effective manner. PN’s are short, straightforward, and comprehensible. They extend short and crisp messages about the brand that prompt users to click and know more.

Track Actionable Metrics

Mobile push notifications and website push notifications offer valuable analytics that includes data on delivery receipts, open rates, engagement, open times, etc. It allows you to gain insights into user behaviour and identify their preferences. Based on this data, you can launch campaigns that connect better with your audience.

With every company and brand striving to grab user attention, push notification services have become the need of the hour. Marketers are using push notifications in their communication strategies via marketing automation platforms. Sending across useful and timely notification messages to users who are interested in the brand is a great marketing strategy. Furthermore, it also furnishes you with useful insights on user behaviour, allowing you to take a more personalized approach and enhance your services and reinforce your customer base.

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