Hot Mobile Marketing Trends in 2015

July 22 2015

The era of mobile marketing has arrived and with this it’s becoming compulsory for the organizations to have their own mobile apps for every marketing plan. The ways in which these apps help the marketers to reach their customer base and the marketing goals is evolving continuously and rapidly and major changes in the mobile marketing tactics are being witnessed in 2015 alone. Below are the latest and most happening trends that one can take advantage of now:

Hot Mobile Marketing Trends in 2015

New landing pages are apps and not index.html

Today, many mobile agencies are considering their apps as equivalent to the website on the smaller screen. A mobile app acts like a website with the added advantages for marketing such as the feature to send the push notifications. And in near future it is being predicted that these apps will be new landing pages for the organizations. Instead of thinking about the overall app for the business, companies will concentrate on publishing the apps with one specific purpose or functionality. Event apps in this category are the latest example, which are used to communicate with the partners and customers on their corporate events and functions. Such apps act as a personalized communication channel during the entire event and are helpful in collecting the data based on the interest of the users which can be used later for the marketing purposes.

Mobile apps: Lead generation and brand awareness

Thanks to the interest of major brands, retailers, banks, airlines that mobile first strategy is now very popular even among the small businesses. 2105 has already witnessed many medium size businesses investing in their own mobile app for the sole purpose of generating the lead and creating the awareness of the brand. The major difference is that small businesses have to work hard to get the users to download their app. However, they still have to realize that it is not the number of downloads which counts but the active users of the app which makes all the difference. The conversion from the app user to the customer can be very high as compared to different marketing channels such as digital advertising. Mobile apps are the very permanent presence of your brand on the very personal device of the user.

Mobile Customer Service Comes First

Large enterprises make their customer service accessible via mobile app channel. This allows the customer to reach the help desk of the company and follow up their request on the go. Customer service via mobile app also provides the advantage of being context aware. For example, when the chat session initiates the location of the customer can be sent directly to the help desk and they know where the customer is instead of trying to get his address and understanding his situation at the same time. In a similar sense, telecommunication companies can provide the service app that can help the customer in configuring the router at home.

Mobile Marketing Automation

Bigger brands have already launched their mobile apps and now is the time for them to introduce the mobile marketing automation. While marketing automation is already very popular, applying the same concept to the mobile apps is very new. Marketing automation helps companies in building the user profiles based on what people are looking on their websites and social networks and then respond in accordance with it and these profiles then can be used to personalize emails and website content and in mobile automation marketing such profiles can be used to push the notifications to the app users.

Final Thoughts

There are innovations in every industry which changes the way how customers interact with the business and mobile industry is going through such metamorphosis. So, let the race began in mobile industry as well.

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