Magento the Right Choice for a B2B Business

Magento the Right Choice for a B2B Business
August 06 2019

There is a substantial difference between serving the general public (B2C) and catering to professional establishments (B2B). Typically, B2B customers who are shopping for products online are time bound and immune to marketing tactics, making them more difficult to reach out to and engage. The key to stimulating B2B customer engagement lies in making their search experience as seamless as possible. You can accomplish this by providing your customers with convenient buying options along with detailed product descriptions and features.

Why Magento e-commerce development is the Right Choice for Your B2B Business?

To launch a B2B business, you need a powerful platform that extends features and specifications catering to your business objectives. Owing to the flexibility, scalability, and efficiency it offers, Magento has become one of the preferred e-commerce platforms among B2B enterprises.

Following are some specific reasons why conglomerates across the world prefer Magento development services for their B2B businesses, and if you’re a B2B service provider, you should do as well:-

Account Management

When you have numerous customer accounts, it is imperative to monitor each of them. Magento allows you to develop multiple admin users accounts with a unique set of access permissions. For instance, some accounts can have access to prepare customer orders while others can be permitted to approve and place them. This flexibility in account management helps make your operations more streamlined and efficient.

Easy Order Placement

In a B2B environment, repeat order is a common concept. Magento web development services streamline the function of frequent purchases by giving buyers access to Stock Keeping Units (SKU), and using their previous order lists to place an order. It also provides the customer’s recommendations based on their order history.

Simplified Quotation System

Price negotiation is an important part of B2B trading. Magento enables you to set up a streamlined quoting system that allows customers to place a quote right from the shopping cart. Additionally, you also have the option to update the quote, change its status, or accept it.

Allows Rapid Integration

As a B2B enterprise, you need to integrate information systems such as logistics and ERP. CRM, PIM, etc., in order to ensure scalability. Magento e-commerce website development offers APIs that facilitate quick integration of connector applications. This is an important feature as the valuable data present in these systems can be turned into actionable insights, allowing you to enhance your B2B operations.

Custom and Flexible Pricing

Magento offers a shared catalogue feature that allows you to develop a curated list of products that can be subjected to custom pricing rules. You can set discounts based on product volume. This shared catalogue can be assigned to particular clients and easily modified without impacting your main product catalogue.

Comprehensive Report System

Magento is equipped with around 75 built-in reports that allow you to stay updated with regard to your overall operational efficiency. From sales orders to purchasing reports and product information management, Magento enables you to access various relevant reports in order to make informed procurement decisions.

Credit Purchase

When it comes to B2B trading, retailers and wholesalers often make payments on a monthly or quarterly basis. With Magento, you can allow your customer to place an order on credit in a safe and secure manner. Magento is equipped with an account model where the payment and purchase history of each company is stored. Based on the stored information, you can decide the credit limit of each customer.

Mobile Responsive

Owing to smartphones, business transactions today happen on the go. Magento B2B development enables you to offer your customers a mobile-optimized experience so that they can place orders on their devices at any time.
Magento is an exceptional e-commerce platform with innovative, cutting-edge and customized features that give it an edge over other platforms. It offers a wide range of solutions that enable you to furnish your clients with a seamless shopping experience, making it the right choice for your B2B business.

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