The Influence of Artificial Intelligence in Web Designing Landscape

The Influence of Artificial Intelligence in Web Designing Landscape
October 12 2018

Web designing isn’t merely restricted to creating a visually appealing web page. Owing to the advent of the digital world, web designers are focusing more on providing exceptional user experience (UX). This paradigm shift has driven trends such as age-responsive designs, conversational user interfaces, AI-powered bots, etc. in the web development industry. The core idea has become to design a web layout that is personal and interactive while being relevant to the business. Artificial intelligence  allows web designers to create customized websites along with conversational interfaces and this is the fundamental reason why it has been such a buzzword in the industry recently.

Incorporating AI into Web Design

A website is the primary communication source that the company has with its customers and the effectiveness of its web presence is what will help the company achieve its digital objectives. The modern consumer expects to get all the valuable information seamlessly from a website. Therefore, website speed, navigation flow, design, etc. are some of the essential factors that impact the overall browsing experience. The development of AI in web designing has provided companies with an effective way of dealing with these challenges and helped them create a website that meets the demands of its visitors effortlessly.

Artificial Intelligence solutions colliding with web designing is clearly a case of technology meets creativity. AI technologies aren’t merely getting momentum in the industry for developing better UX but also for their role in creating optimized web pages as well. From web development services, web designing, to search engine optimization, content development, and product recommendations, AI technologies are helping developers automate and customize websites. While this adoption is still at the initial stage, artificial intelligence trends are expected to bring a dramatic change in the web development industry.

Here are some of the essential ways by which artificial intelligence trends are changing the web designing industry: –

  1. AI-Powered User Interface (UI)

    The AI-powered user interface has the ability to identify the visitor’s navigation patterns and based on this information it makes subtle changes to customize the user experiences. AI displays personalized results based on the customer’s preference and pattern within minimum clicks. These minor changes made by the AI interface have gradually optimized the customer experience and satisfaction level.

  2. AI-Powered Bots

    A bot is a code that performs automated tasks and a chatbot is a software that carries everyday tasks. It has the ability to interact with the visitors like a human through auditory or textual ways. While these chatbots cannot entirely replace humans, they are active 24×7 which doesn’t make the visitors wait for solutions. Additionally, it is expected in the near future that chatbots will be the first point of contact between companies and their customers.

  3. AI-Powered Auto Testing

    Artificial intelligent algorithm helps website application test with little or no human input. Based on the collected data, the algorithm can predict the main parameters of software testing processes. They also detect the failure patterns and optimize failure prediction at a higher efficiency rate than the conventional QA approaches. Therefore, bug detection and remedial will no longer be a slow and extended process.

  4. AI-Backed Data Mining and Analytics

    SEO strategies greatly depend on number crunching and with AI-backed data analytics and mining; businesses can optimize the use of website’s meta-data and other generated data. Analytical engines that are designed using AI technologies can provide insights that can highlight the irregularities in website content or architecture from an SEO point of view. With such valuable insights, companies can plan out their website design in a better way in order to effectively connect with their targeted audience.

The advent of AI-backed software can revolutionise how customers interact with online businesses. While it will take a few years before the internet will be entirely boasted with AI-built websites, bots and user interfaces, we are certainly getting a promising glimpse into the intelligent future that awaits the internet domain.

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