Interaction between Marketers and Global Customers: Trends Responsible

July 23 2015

With the advancement in technology everything around us is changing very fast. Customer behavior, media, data analysis and the way we connect with our peers are some areas where the changes are significant. All of these trends are still evolving but the not at the same speed and in the same manner in every territory and thee trends and exponential growths have created many challenges for the marketers and the most prominent among all of them is "How brands are managing the customer engagement"?

Interaction between Marketers and Global Customers Trends Responsible

The key point of this article is to determine the differences between organizations and how they are leading the way in contrast to those who are following them.

So, let us all take a look at some of the facts and insights with all the attention focused on the global engagement of the customers.

Trends leading the global engagement

Market trends related to the customer engagement are changing on the global level and since the process is evolving and changes are involved it has both negative and positive effects.

The most significant variation is in how the leaders have invested differently from the rest of the conventional industry. While the conventional industry is focused on the increasing the mobile audience and more rising demands for the personalization as paying the price for not investing in the tools which are capable of doing this and most them feels that the effects of the digital trends are different and varied.

But, marketing leaders are able to see those trends as a benefit in their global customer engagement approach, while rest of the industry is coping with their doubts and are mulling their heads over such trends.

Leading companies are more agile than the rest of the companies and tends to see new trends in a more positive way than the negative and they are very easily able to take the advantage of emerging trends.

Content marketing

Content marketing is one area where there is exceptional rise in the competition. The competition is so fierce that even the established organizations are finding it hard to keep up with the pace. If it is done in a right way then the content marketing has the potential to transcend the borders and even the barriers of the language. Content marketing is very helpful and plays a powerful role in the global marketing campaigns and global customer engagement.

It is no surprise that the companies who were once pioneer in the field of digital marketing are funding the competition very tuff as the other fields are getting more and more involved and for the lower players the effect is even more severe.


Consumer expectations are have been the major driving force in marketing innovation for quite sometimes and one such area is the personalization, which is the strength for the leaders but challenge for the novice and rest of the industry. Personalization is exceptionally vital in the context of the global marketing and personalization techniques helps not only in optimizing the language and dialect but also various other variables which include content, media, channel and demographic factors.

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