Machine Learning into the Hands of Every Advertiser

Machine Learning into the Hands of Every Advertiser
August 01 2018

Let’s examine the infusion of machine learning into Google Ads. Google is introducing machine learning in its different campaign types, ad formats & bidding strategies to unlock more opportunities for advertisers through which they can achieve a better ROI for their business & understand visitors requirements. Machine learning introduced in Google Ads will help advertisers to increase their ROI along with saving time in managing campaigns. Campaign management based on insights will get easier with machine learning.

Impacts of Machine Learning in Google Ads

The availability of machine learning to advertisers will surely benefit in improving performance of campaigns with data driven results and will also save time in managing the campaigns. The machine learning takes a huge amount of data into consideration and several factors to give results which means that the results have a higher accuracy.

The impacts of machine learning integration with Google Ads for advertisers

1. Higher Accuracy Results

2. Better Insights

3. Time Saving

4. Easy bid management

How Google has helped Advertisers with Machine Learning

Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads(beta) are a new search text ad feature of Google. Responsive search ad is a combination of advertiser’s creative efforts with powerful machine learning which help advertisers in delivering relevant ads to people based on their search query. We simply need to provide up to 15 headlines & 4 description lines, Google will test different combinations of the ads for different search queries and will learn which ad creative performs best for any search query.

Benefits of Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads are helpful in many ways

1. Time Saving – The manual work of creating & testing different ads in an ad group will be replaced with responsive search ads. Advertisers can now create multiple ads in a single ad and Google will automatically test different combinations and give results of best performing ad combinations.

2. Increased Reach – The multiple headline & description line option helps in competing in more auctions as they can match more search queries.

3. Increased Clicks – As the ads will be eligible to compete in more auctions the ad will receive additional clicks.

Local Campaigns

Google has introduced its new campaign type exclusively for Local Store advertisers to drive store visits. Advertisers need to provide their business location & ad creative, Google will automatically optimise the ads across all properties(search, display, maps, youtube) to drive more customers into your store.For advertisers who have local store- driving foot traffic is important as 80 percent of shoppers conducting “Near Me” searches on mobile devices go to physical store for purchasing. The local campaign type along with Google’s machine learning will help advertisers to cover their local audience on Google properties to influence them for store visit.

Shopping Campaigns

Another big update focusing on Store Visits & new customer acquisition is from new smart shopping campaign type. Google is introducing new goals in shopping campaign- Store Visits & New Customers. Machine learning factors will help optimise the bids for the clicks which will result in any of these actions. The new shopping campaign also uses machine learning to optimise shopping ads in terms of placements & products which should be featured. Machine learning takes factors into consideration like seasonality, demand & pricing of products to better optimise the campaign.

As above we have considered the importance of store visits under local campaigns. It is important for advertisers with a physical store to drive foot traffic and with new shopping campaign it becomes convenient to attract foot traffic as advertisers showcase the products, prices, brand etc beforehand.

Maximize Relevance and Performance on YouTube

Google will be rolling out its new smart bidding strategy “Maximize Lift” for youtube video campaign later this year. Google has powered the new bidding strategy with its machine learning to help advertisers maximize the impact of their video ads on potential buyers.

The new bid strategy will use machine learning in defining the potential buyers who will consider the brand from their research journey and bids will be adjusted at the time of auction to increase the impact of the ad.

Youtube is an important research channel for potential buyers before they engage with a brand so it becomes important to create maximum impact of your brand on buyers at the right time.

Below are the overview of benefits of the new machine learning powered smart bid strategy

  1. Engaging Potential Buyers
  2. Building Brand Reputation

The advanced era of machines has arrived with the change of name (Google Ads). Google’s new approach to train machine model will be worthwhile for advertisers.

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