Mobile App Development Trends: 2016

February 05 2016

Thousands of apps are submitted to iTunes store and Google Playstore every day. In fact, 2015 was the most crucial year for the mobile app developers. We are all living in mobile centric world where smartphones are everywhere. Apart from their inbuilt smart abilities what makes them so special are the apps. These apps have become the main reason for the success of the smartphones. From ordering a pizza to booking a cab air ticket; all tasks are being handled by these apps. With so many apps already in the market it is important to catch up to the most up to date trends in order to be successful. Below are some top trends to look out for in mobile app development.

Improved user focus

Better user experience will remain in limelight among other trends. The key challenge here for the developers is to provide the similar experience of the app among the variety of the screen sizes which are available in the market. End user experience is also the key to maximizing the user conversion. This also leads to less app abandonment. Providing unique user experience is the key challenge for the developer here. After all, business is all about customer satisfaction.

Tight security

App security will remain the key focus for the developers as 75% of mobile devices fail to provide the basic security measures. Also, most of our personal information is stored on the mobile app itself therefore it also necessary to provide relevant security measure to protect the consumer’s data. Applying necessary security is a headache for the developers but it is necessary is more a concern than a trend.

Internet of things (IOT)

In the coming years IOT will take a complete charge as many ideas are being developed and tested. The central idea is to control multiple things (devices or appliances) using the IOT apps. Prediction says that by 2020 more than 5 billion people and 50 billion devices will be connected and revenue for the IOT appliances will exceed $300 billion. This coming trend is definitely in every developer’s hit list.

Enterprise apps will gain more preference

Developing enterprise apps pays a lot. It was reported that 43% of the enterprise mobile app developers earn $10,000 per month while only 19% consumer app developers earn this much money. This is the big reason why more developers are targeting the enterprise app development.

Cloud technology will continue to lead the way

Cloud technology will remain at the front lines. Cloud offers many advantages and is therefore a very famous among the developers. Cloud can retain the size of the apps and are easy to manage. Also, developers can connect multiple devices for the testing purpose and users get faster access to the apps.

The flexibility and cross-compatibility will raise the demand for the wearable technology. 2016 will become the year of hybrid apps and wearable technology.

Apple’s swift will reign the programming world

Apple’s new programming language will leave other languages like objective c and HTML behind. It has already begun to create the new dimensions. It relatively very young but is becoming very popular among big corporates like yahoo and LinkedIn. It is already in demand and that is why it brings new challenges and opportunities for the developers.

Mobile payments app will continue to be in spotlight

Mobile payments app will continue to be in spotlight

Mobile app payments are already popular among user as they provide easy and faster way of paying the money which is secure as well. According to a report mobile payments will see a growth of about 210% in the year 2016. This is how Apple pay and Android Pay will make substantial growth in the coming years.

As such, these trends will definitely decide in 2016 the future of the mobile apps. Although some of them are already the top trends but they will continue to evolve.