New Trends for Logo Design

New Trends for Logo Design
April 05 2019

A logo is determined as the face of the company and one of the first things that your potential customers notice. It is more than an image; it lays the foundation for your company branding. Evidently, a well-designed logo is the simplest way to convey to your audience what your company is all about.

With the digital world constantly changing, the trends in logo design also witness significant transformations with every passing year. Businesses across the globe have to be on their toes to identify these emerging trends and implement them within their logo-designing process. Following are the logo design trends to look for in 2019:-

Keep it Simple

It is a trend that never loses its significance. A logo doesn’t have to be complicated in order to be effective and elegant. Today more and more brands are turning towards small serif logotypes to exhibit who they are. This trend is exemplified by characters; they are simple, light and perfectly blend into the background of the lettering.

Emphasize on Intricate Details

Whether it is a line-style logo to more detailed logos with more varying lines, colour combinations, and type choices, logos that imbibe intricate details. While it is a complicated design to create, the end result is extraordinary. Moreover. Intricate logo design can be used on any size logo that maintains the same level of interest throughout.


A gradient is a potent design tool that can help you create an out-of-the-box logo. It can create unique hies and magnetic visual effects. While Gradients is not a new design tool, it keeps offering new and improved features to users.

Hand-Drawn and Watercolour Logos

Earlier, there was no software or tools to create attractive logos. So, people used to have hand-drawn logos which stands out unlike any other. This is a kind of freehand design of logos which can be created using watercolours, pencils etc. It could be of any style from blurred lines to striped letters. The creative business used to have such kind of logos as they reflect the creativity of their business as well.

Logo trends are far more interesting than it sounds. This field has lots more to explore and implement to attract the eyeballs of the customers. No matter what is trending nowadays, every style will be outdated within a month or year. This creates untold challenges among the logo maker and compels them to brainstorm their minds in order to come up with something unique.

Cuts and Corners

While the geometric design is not considered an innovate design solution, they can certainly accentuate the overall design. They can be used in different ways, but most popularly cuts and corners are great for creating a negative space effect. So if you are looking for something eye-catching for your logo design, this can certainly help in accomplishing the same.

Overlapping Effects

In this effect, the elements are being used in logo designs which overlap and stack in order to create visual interest and depth. This way of creating a logo works perfectly for the lettering or a simple mark and also contains a particular part of the logo. From the big brands to the local ones, everyone is engrossing their customers with their simple and attractive logo. Overlapping can create an ever-lasting effect on the memory of the customer which helps them to remember your brand.

Vertical Logos and Letter Stacking

Stacking is one of the ways to attract the eyeballs of the customers and compel them to understand the logo of the brand which is not so easily decodable. Stacking or vertical logos have set a benchmark in the year 2018 and will come up with something new in the year 2019. What is expected with this style is the combination of graphic elements paired with letters. This is going to be way more attractive than others.