Perusal of a FaceBook Post: What is required to drive results?

March 04 2015

We post on our Facebook page, in the hope that something will work for us, to a business person to his business.

It will be a great hit when you get to know that your post, you have just published, had the best response and there is a great chance of maximizing likes, clicks and comments.

Facebook posts give the dramatic, appropriate reach to small business world and it does feel like a mystery. Now the question is: How do you create a perfect Facebook post?

Facebook posts created are not all equal. Studying some small business posts and their fan response reveals that there are number of factors that greatly affect the chance of great response on your post; impact of a post’s length, phrasing and timing; these enlighten engagements may be extremely helpful for optimizing strategies and contents.

Perusal of a FaceBook Post

Here are some answers to the heap of best practices and examples that you came across of what is there in a perfect Facebook post. Look for the best strategy below and test it on your Facebook post and measure your new stats climb.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook Post

Here are the five ingredients to create a perfect Facebook post.

  • Link
  • It should be brief— typically 40 characters or fewer
  • Should be published at non-peak times
  • Must follow other posts on a regular basis
  • Should be newsworthy and timely.

Let’s discuss in more detail about these perfect ingredients.

A perfect post is a Link

Link posts trumps photo upload. Facebook itself studies data on the number of clicks on the different links posted. Sharing content on Facebook; it would seem to be the best choice between sharing a link or sharing a photo, results come from links.

Link posts give advantage of tags from the webpage. It includes information on the page’s description, title and photos. When you post a link in your update box on Facebook page, it will pull the information automatically and put it in a link format. To share a link as your facebook post, copy and paste a URL in the composer window.

A Perfect Post is short

Length of the post tends to attract higher likes and comment rate, that is more and more engagements studies says that “Shorter is better”; on an average 40 to 70 character post receives the most engagement.

40 character sounds very less, reminds the use of link’s title and description to attract readers to click, engage and comment.

A Perfect Post is uploaded at Non-Peak Hrs

The thought goes like way. Instead of uploading your post competing with thousand others post updating, it would be better to upload few others; your post may stand a good chance to hit by your potential user.

So, try to shift your strategy from posting during the most popular time to the most effective time.

A Perfect Post follows consistent sharing strategy

A successful post has a strong passion for their target audiences, a very good content and most importantly updating very consistently, these characteristics creates unexpected fans and allows your page getting lots of shares, that is highest “viral” visibility of page content.

Quality content and consistent posting are the basic sharing strategies for most of the successful pages on Facebook.

Post your Perfect Facebook Post your way

Optimistically, these strategies have given you some ideas to test on your marketing strategy on Facebook. Design your own unique posting strategy. Remember to be innovative. Don’t follow the same routine; it’s not worthy to make your post boring or extra technical. Be creative in your own way.