SEO Title Tag Update

December 12 2012

The SEO world is being frustrated, with an update from Google that it may change the title of a page to show the website in SERP. Recently, the largest search engine in the universe announced it will not give any preference to the title in forums, and now the new update is giving nightmares to the webmasters.

According to a statement of Google, it’s now mandatory for every webmaster to place a relevant, unique and descriptive title for every page, in title tag. A title which is short, irrelevant or stuffed with keywords will not be considered worth showing in search results. Along with that, the title should be relevant with the description.

Google’s John Mueller revealed in a conference that if they observe a title which is not optimal, or not meeting their quality guidelines, the robots may go to rewrite them in search results. This may generally happen if your title is short, used in multiple pages or is simply a collection of keywords. If you want to prevent yourself from this, all you can do is to place a title which is relevant with the description, unique and not stuffed with keywords.

At one hand, Google is approaching this as a good step towards improving the quality of search results; webmasters are frustrated knowing this may ruin their efforts. Since a long time, title is being considered as a representative of a site in search results and any kind of tempering with them will surely affect quite many rankings. And the bad news is, the changes will be made with artificial intelligence, the robots, which may worsen the situation. There are quite a few examples in which Google replaced a title with company name. Is it that more relevant?

Now let’s discuss it to the Google’s point of view. What if your title “SEO Company | SEO Company India | Best SEO Company India” is being replaced with “Best SEO Company in India”. Certainly it’s more appealing and capable of describing the company in better way. But you are not as lucky every time. As some automated robots are carrying out this changing process, chances are more your site end-up getting some completely irrelevant and funny title.

Ultimately, you are the savior for yourself. It’s up to you; just improve your title writing skills and chances are less Google will screw your efforts.

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