Google Smartphone Icons

December 12 2012

Soon we may notice a mobile icon with the search results displayed on Google pages. According to some sources, the search engines leader is testing the smart phone icon on search results to exhibit the mobile-friendly content. If this happens, soon the mobile-friendly results will be displayed with a smart phone icon with the URL field of the search results.

The mobile icon will be placed with the results which are available with the mobile content. Google is currently testing this feature and officials are justifying it stating they are trying to optimize the mobile search experience, so that users may identify the smart phone-optimized sites.

Google has previously experimented almost similar feature in form of Possum/Skip redirect update. But that time, it was mobile URL which was displayed with the search results. If this technique succeed, it will be quite beneficial for the webmasters to better optimize their content to make it smart phone accessible. Alongside, users will be benefitted by directly accessing the content from their gadgets.

Google is constantly attempting to make the content as mobile friendly as possible. The last attempt was made in form of when Google suggested the webmasters to optimize their sites for mobile browsing. The main reason behind forcing the webmasters to do so is the fact around 61 percent of users does not return to a website which is not smart phone optimized.

Accessing the sites through mobiles is actually a win-win-win situation for users, website owners as well as Google. Where users get the benefit of accessing the web on the go, website owners get a better exposure keeping the popularity and reach of smart phones in mind. Google, on other hand also get a big advantage in form of mobile ad revenue.

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