The Virtue of Parallax Design in Websites

February 15 2020

With the inclusion of evolving technology in the digital realm, web designs has been witnessing tremendous changes that has signficantly contributed in enhancing web interactions. From navigational layout to colour schemes there are plenty of aspects that conjointly makes a perfect web design for any website. Scrolling pattern is one such designing aspects that plays a vital role in improving the intutiveness of the website.

Parallax scrolling is a popular scrolling style that opens up a new avenue for user interaction on website. With web designers constantly working towards enhancing the user interface and interaction over online site, parallax scrolling established its prominencre as a new frontier of user experience. Enhancing visuals and engaging customers, parallex scrolling is an evolving innovation in the web design realm.

What is Parallex Design?

Parallex design is considered to be originated from 2D scrolling videogames that used several moving backgrounds in order to create an illusionary depth during the gameplay. This technique usually made the background move slower than the foreground to make an illusionary distance on the screen. The same illusionary effect is used in parallex scrolling where the backrground of the website moves differently than the rest of the page creating an impressive visual appeal. Parallex scrolling is considered ideal for online storytelling where brands use this technique to weave a a creative brand story. Additionally, parallex scrolling provides websites with oppurtunities to:-

  1. Startle the customers with page depth and intutive animation

  2. Use story telling approach to guide users through the website

  3. Increase visiting time by compelling visitors to keep scrolling for more

  4. Promote curiosity of the visitors

  5. Smoothly guide visitors to calls to action

  6. Boost website credibility with interactive viewing

The Drawbacks of Parallax Scrolling

With all these user friendly perks comes several drawbacks for adopiting a parallax website. One of the major drawbacks of integrating parallax scrolling into websites is that it can only have single long page that often influence SEO and load speed. Parallex scrolling can hamper the prominence of website though:-

  1. Slow loading time leading to inefficiency and loss of online traffic

  2. Stunted SEO that further limits the meta infirmation due to the elongated page

  3. Incompatibility with mobile due to to less mobile friendly interfacve

  4. Distractive appeal that often makes content look irrelevant and incomprehensible

Use of Parallax Scrolling

When this intruiging scrolling pattern was first introduced to the web design, it was welcomed whole heartedly and soon gained popularity among several top multinational companies. Parallax design was just like disco lights, its fun and exciting to watch but it doesn’t have the required longetivity to sustain in the market.

Parallax scrolling is undoubtedly an intriguing element for website design and its quite amusing to see images and content unfolding in front of your eyes, but it is important to understand the trend and priortize the website performance.

More than its perks, parallax scrolling has plenty of signficant drawbacks that hamper the overall performance of the website. Having said that, parallax scrolling can be wisely integrated into the websitee if used in the appropiate way withot affecting the website performance.

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