Can Your Magento Store Process Five Orders Per Second?

February 18 2015

We are living in an era where people love shopping. Every day millions of people do shopping, relaxing and surfing hundreds of shopping sites.

When you buy a product or a service over the internet, rather than going to a traditional brick–and-mortar store, it is termed online shopping. Globally, a greater number of people are buying over the internet; because a little bit of magic found in buying something online gives a feeling of instant gratification and quick fix.

Magento Store Process

Launching a new online shopping site and having thousands of visitors every second going through your website at the same time results in thousands of orders in a short period of time. Sounds bad! Sales under heavy traffic lead to the crashing of your site.

Every fourth person in a day comes up with a new online business plan. Providentially, with Magento, you can set up your site for success!


For well-integrated experience and easy management of the products to be sold magento is the best option for any online business planner.

It is difficult to launch a website for an occasion to work without crashing. Seeing sites with static order forms, and off-loading Magento is a cohesive experience for its client.

What makes Magento make it work?

  1. Landing page has to be 100% on a Content Delivery Network (CDN), including all CSS, JavaScript, and image file calls.Splash page is set up that resides 100% on the CDN, so no resources on the main website are used until the customer either travel to the website through a link or adds an item to the cart.
  2. CDN used extensively throughout the websiteIntegrating the CDN for image, JS, and CSS calls are important. This offloads the traffic when the site and cart are hit by a large number of visitors.
  3. Cache in MAGENTO is necessaryA Full Page Cache (FPC) in Magento helps to integrate Extendware’s FPC plug-in into your store. It turns much of the Magento site into static files, lowering the CPU overhead of php processing and MySQL queries per page load.
  4. Separate MySQL database serverMySQL database and PHP fight for CPU resources under heavy traffic. For this, Magento adds a second server just for the MySQL database. The database server is linked to the main server via a Gigabit private network connection.
  5. There are many areas that can be corrected:MySQL – Query cache settings, timeouts, thread settings, InnoDB memory size, etc

    PHP – zlib compression, memory settings, timeout values, OpCode Cache enabled and optimized

    Apache – KeepAlives KeepAlives tuned, compression, Max Children, Requests per Child

    Operating System – Access times disabled, increase maximum open files.


As your website launches and traffic spikes, say at least with thousand visitors, products in carts gets increased within seconds; what you see is: Magento manages peak purchasing time at the rate of 5 orders per second. After a few hours, your site will be selling thousands of products.

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