Web Design Tutorials: A guide to creating emotions with colors

June 15 2015

To touch the emotions of your website visitors, colors can play a very essential role. In some way it is a non-verbal mode of communication between you and your customer. It generates both physical and emotional bonding between you and the viewers. Colors have a strong power of emotion that can be easily developed between you and your user. They have an ability to set up that accurate tone to which you want your viewers to connect with you. Colors can bring enthusiasm arouse a number of deep feelings in you. They also have a stimulating touch to all your actions.

Web Design Tutorials A guide to creating emotions with colors

What should be the color scheme?

A color scheme if given to your website can create great reactions.

When you are in a process to choose your color scheme for the website you want to develop, it is very important that you choose the right combinations for your website. There are certain principles that are to be applied upon the color scheme tactics. One must follow professional advices while making a color scheme for your website.

The article that has been presented by you covers almost all the points. You will get familiar to the variant color schemes and get to know how and where to use a specific color. These tips would help you out when you are all set to make your new website. As you commence with your site construction, you will learn if you have a good eye over colors you will automatically be able to develop your own schemes. One is recommended to know about the color theory.

Color wheel

The most useful issue is that of the color wheel. It was invented by Isaac Newton in 1666. Some bars of colors were taken and were made to create a pattern through light using a prism. They were transformed into a circle and then developed into a segmented circle, the size of each circle differed among each other according to its calculations.

How to find out the right color scheme?

In order to find out the right color scheme, one must use distinct colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel, and then choose any three colors that are placed at corners in the equal distance. They must form a triangle. When you choose suitable color schemes they form a harmony which is regardless of any kind of a rotation angle.

Tertiary colors are the one that made by mixing primary and secondary colors with each other. The opportunities you get from tertiary colors are infinite.

Complementary colors are the ones that are easily located on the color wheel across each other. Analogous colors are located next to each other on the color wheel. They look extremely good together. You can use such color combinations when you want your visitors to feel good while going through your site.

Winding Up

No one’s expecting you to be Leonardo da Vinci, but a fundamental understanding of color use is essential for web design.

As explained above, colors carry a lot of weight with them that sometimes go unrecognized. It doesn’t really matter what color scheme you choose, you need to understand what influence they will impart on your overall design from exhibiting contrast or similarity, to provoking emotions.

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