Ecommerce SEO Best Practices to Double your E-Commerce Sales

Ecommerce SEO Best Practices to Double your E-Commerce Sales
November 23 2016

The primary and foremost goal of an organization, be it small or large, is to get a top rank amongst its competitors on search engines. People hardly navigate to page 2 or up on Google. That’s because the best and precise results exist on Page 1. The top results are the ones that are mostly clicked. Organizations have seen their sales go up and double after they’ve topped the search results links. Every wondered how? That’s because of their SEO strategies. Yes, SEO might seem to be less worked upon but it’s the most important factor of a successful business. Without proper SEO results, a company or rather a startup slows down in sales with time. Although SEO results are slow, they impact the business the most. If you’re a startup or wondering how to double your e-commerce sales, you should follow some SEO practices. Here’s what you should follow:


You can’t take SEO services from any company without proper research. This is the first rule while planning to double your sales. You have to search for proper keywords that target your business and that are mostly searched. If you target keywords the wrong way, you might end up getting least traffic on your site.

Use short keywords:

Never use long keywords for your organization’s SEO strategy. Why? It leads to low conversion rates and higher bounce rates. Short and precise keywords yield the best results for your business. For eg: if you are an online bakery, you can use keywords like “best online bakery” or any other that best describes your business. Avoid competitive keywords that encompass a higher level of competition since this diminishes your chances of getting a relevant rank.

Use Google Webmaster Tools:

This tool finds and fixes SEO problems on your website. You can easily:

  1. Locate 404 page errors and other problems

  2. See how your website, its pages and product (if any) are performing on the SERPs

  3. See which keywords, phrases & pages are popular on the web

For best results, it’s always recommended to integrate Google Webmaster Tools, Google AdWords & Google Analytics. They’re all free!

Keywords Strategizing:

When your website has more than one page and they target the same keywords, there’s a lot of confusion for search engines to assign proper ranks. And you can lose a top spot on search engines. To avoid this, you need to have a planned strategy of keywords for all pages. Do that smartly! It helps.

Monitoring and working on it:

You can’t take a break from the SEO process. Once you start, you need to continue with it. Also, keep spotting problems with duplicate content, indexing and others. Fix them right away. Duplicate content can lead to blacklisting of your site. So never have duplicate content on any of your pages. Keep it unique.

These practices once followed by you will surely help you double your e-commerce sales. So start planning your SEO strategies smartly. It leads to more happy users and a better business.

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