5 Mistakes in Content Marketing

5 Mistakes in Content Marketing
February 21 2015

The fundamental feature of digital marketing is content marketing. Many search engines like Google give content marketing significant importance. With new changing scenario in online e-commerce, today every business has been forced to become a content marketer. As a result, content marketing has turned competitive. The demand for consistent, relevant, high-quality content for outlook of future and exciting customers has never been greater than now. Effective content persuades your prospect better and speeds up decision-making. Proper planning of your content has the promise to turn your business into a real game changer.

But more often, basic codes of content marketing are forgotten and rules are scorned, reducing the value of the entire effort. Looking at various forms of content marketing that you read every single day: websites, webinars, articles, newsletters, and even ads and demos, you can point out mistakes that content marketers commit unwillingly. The key point is to know how to get it right for content success. Mistakes may cause a backfiring negativity aimed directly towards your brand, which your business may not afford to make. For its audience, company must be sure that they aren’t making any mistakes and wasting their audiences’ time and money.

Now the question arises: What are the mistakes that marketers are poised to make? 5 major content marketing mistakes that will distract your brand publishing intentions and forcing you to think over and over are given below.

1: Providing links in your content

The myth says that, the more links on your webpage gives you better business; this is gone days mantra. Content marketing gets tangled into this link-building strategy. Scenario has changed; instead of the quantity quality matters, factors that influence ranking of sites.

Creating content for the links, lead you to take wrong path. Basic goals of content marketing explains that content should be for brand awareness, brand loyalty, customer engagement and education; traffic and click through rate also plays great part in ranking sites. Links and other titbits for promotion don’t results in increased traffic but only diminishes the quality and credibility of the content.

2: The more content is no good

Today, content generation is more than a search volume; more content doesn’t win content marketing game. Content marketing is all about doing incredible in whatever you are doing, so that you can earn and get an audience soon. Good content allows you to stand out from the competition of potential content where standing out of jaded, fatigued consumers is 10 times harder. In content marketing, the people listen to those who have something to say; something worth saying; which convey in a way to what they prefer to listen.

Now, instead of producing more, the experts are keen to produce better; better means less content, no one can produce best in breakneck speed; better content provides you with the ceiling of quality; it address the reader with powerful and direct way.

3: Creating content will attract audience

Writing a blog doesn’t mean that there will be a reader. The secret of a successful content lies in three things: creating valuable content, making sure your information gets found in search engines, and promoting it to followers. Promotion of your content is must to do list part; if not done, all your efforts will come down to nothing.

4: Blogging your content is best way to promote

Creating a blog for your content is not just the only way for successful, full-orbed content marketing strategy. Blogging is one of many ways to have a successful content marketing:

  1. Guides

  2. Info graphics

  3. Videos

  4. eBooks

  5. White papers

  6. Slide Show presentations

  7. Live chats/hangouts

  8. Webinars

  9. Pin boards

Blogging does not prove to be best way for every business. Some businesses need more than just a blog for their brands to promote. How do anyone figure out what is best method for content marketing? It’s simple. Research your targeted audience and learn which form is best way to connect your content to your audience.

5: Content is the only ingredient

In the content marketing strategy having content doesn’t imply work done.


– help you to fulfil your business goals. Call-to-actions are the true money makers, and incorporating CTAs into your content experience is the best way for conversion. No one wants their content to turn into a sales pitch. Content and marketing go hand in hand. If you are persistent in your content, but avoid marketing your brand; then all of your content marketing efforts won’t pay what you deserve.

Final Word

World is changing. Today, every content marketer is doing content marketing in some form or another. But doing it the right way is important. If your marketing criteria are any of these ways then you may just be spinning your wheels. Choosing better way of content marketing will help you generate leads and give you desired ROI.

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