Mistakes You must Avoid While Writing CSS for WordPress Theme

November 16 2015

An exclusive and clean web design not just helps attract visitors, but also creates a unique web layout. And CSS permits one to make an appealing website theme and improve the appearance of a site. By creating the CSS file, you may efficiently produce a refined and polished design up to the standards. Because of this, if one desires to enhance the look and feel of a website, he must tweak his theme’s stylesheet according to the prerequisites. If you're running a WordPress website, you may simply edit the theme’s CSS and may customize the design as required.

Mistakes You must Avoid While Writing CSS for WordPress Theme

Though WordPress is really a well-liked platform for creating surefire web solutions, many people commit several common mistakes when modifying the CSS to customize the themes. Even seasoned developers are found doing common mistakes. The browsers don’t recognize these errors and merely, respond by showing an undesirable appearance. Because these goofs may result in a shattered WP website, it is important to avoid them when dealing with the CSS of the theme.

Here we’ve listed some mistakes that perpetrate an undesirable layout if not prevented when editing the CSS in theme, let’s distill these, so they can be avoided and the ideal layout can be created.

1. Not adopting the basic rules

Undoubtedly, CSS comes with a great level of simplicity and deliver a superb design. Nevertheless, it is important to follow the guidelines of CSS, such as, each selector must be identified like a class/ID in CSS. Furthermore, every selector should follow the below described syntax.

Format of selectors:
selector { property: value; property: value; }

As indicated above, every detail must be included otherwise it’s going to create a shabby layout. However, if you see any error, it is surely triggered by the CSS Validators. However, it is best to prevent them beforehand.

2. Using incorrect selectors

By using an incorrect label for layout, you may affect the entire quality of the website layout. The WP designs have to be put into #content-text, but it is often seen that almost all the designers keep the design in #content label instead of #contact-text label.

3. Assigning multiple reference for a selector

In case you have set multiple references for a selector, it may make things to awry; since it enables multiple selectors get loaded with paradoxical details. It, therefore, makes it hard to select the correct option for seeking the specified outputs. This type of issue usually occurs when you try to place the genuine CSS over a new CSS.

4. Editing Wrong Theme Module section

Designers usually make error while tweaking the modular templates by modifying the wrong section of the theme. Like, you can mistakenly edit the ‘comments.php’ file when you were intended to modify the ‘comments-new.php’. For this particular reason, it’s important to confirm that you’re editing the requisite theme section.

5. Not backing-up the CSS

Contrary to simple HTML files, CSS requires higher precision. The reason being, even a small error can destroy your WordPress layout. For this reason, even if you wish to make a small change in the theme, make sure backup all files before you start. By doing this, you may restore the first files and data, if any error occurs.

You may avoid your website to look shattered by backing-up the CSS. To backup the CSS file, simply browse the folder “wp-content/themes/theme_name”. Search for the stylesheet.css or style.css file and save a copy in your system. When you have a copy, you can begin editing the stylesheet in your WP dashboard.

Final Thought

By understanding the above mentioned common mistakes and considering the suggestions, you can prevent the common mistakes while modifying the CSS of the WordPress theme. It will surely help you customize the theme efficiently and make a requisite look and feel.