Content Marketing: Keyword Driven Strategy Is All You Need for Success

Content Marketing: Keyword Driven Strategy Is All You Need for Success
April 22 2016

A common misconception that is market for a long time is that SEO and content marketing are two mutually exclusive events. As a matter of fact, they are intertwined. In a way, it used to be true that keyword stuffing was once used to get the pages ranked well even if the content itself was not valuable. No such a case no longer exists as search algorithms have gone smart and they are more focused on serving users with the valued content and this is the main goal of content marketing as well- serving consumers with the content which is valuable to them. That is why now it is fairly simple to build a keyword-driven strategy.

Identifying the most valued keywords

Determining the relevant keywords for the business still began at Google Adwords Keyword Planner. However, the difference lies in where you should focus when building a keyword-driven content strategy. The brainstorming sessions must go beyond the traditional limits such as focusing on what the audience is searching for and what is the motive behind those searches.
Focus on their needs and concerns. This is what you will be focusing on through your content but this must also be a part of your keyword planning strategy. Instead of focusing on the general search queries it is now time to shift the attention to long-tailed keywords which people are nowadays typing into the search box.

Consideration of human element

Google has always been focused on searching the result relevant to audiences and as a content marketer you should also. Surely, you realize that there is no value in using keywords which will attract the wrong audience because they will eventually head back to the search engine.
That’s why considering the intention of the audience is important in deciding the keyword strategy. Google is already getting better at it and it’s all thanks to RankBrain. Understand the intention behind the audience search and then choose your keywords because your keyword strategy can help Google in making better decisions in future.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords

LSI is a system which Google uses to determine the relationship between different keywords and then uses these relations to determine the searcher’s intent so that it can present him with the most relevant results possible according to the intent of the searcher. As a content marketer, you can take advantage of LSI keywords along with your keywords, so that Google better understand your purpose for the searches. After you have decided your on keyword, use the LSI keyword generator to come up with the LSI keywords.

Make keywords part of your editorial planning

After you have built a bank of main and relevant keywords and LSI keywords related to them you have covered a lot of ground and now it is time to cover the remaining ground with the content. Your keywords must be an integrated part of the editorial planning and can help you easily brainstorm the content ideas based on the following questions:

  1. What people are searching for?

  2. What are their intentions?

  3. What do they care about?

  4. What are their needs?

These are some strategies which will help you in giving a boost to your keyword-driven content marketing. So let’s get started.

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