Artificial Intelligence: What’s Awaiting You This Year

Artificial Intelligence: What’s Awaiting You This Year
April 23 2019

Technologies have been treading at a lightning-fast pace. Artificial Intelligence is one such revolutionary technological concept that has taken the world by storm. Since its inception, Artificial Intelligence has been extending its prospects and prominence in the technological realm. When we talk about machines and computers, it is Artificial Intelligence that will dominate that debate today being a significant contribution to improving human lives.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a computer science component or subject formulated to build machines and computers that improve logical operations. Artificial intelligence is equipped with the power to execute tasks and operations realistically along with human intelligence that includes speech recognition, decision making, visual, and translating languages. The importance and prominence of Artificial Intelligence are ubiquitous. As the AI trends keep on transforming the technological space, more and more industries around the world are inclining towards this revolutionary concept, including, medical, financial system, air transports, gaming arena and so on. This revolutionary technology has minimised the use of human efforts and maximized the automated process that is integrated with human intelligence. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence is aimed at developing an error-free and automated world where the human body will be least needed to complete human tasks.

What Makes Artificial Intelligence An Essential Technology Right Now?

Artificial Intelligence is described as the new electricity for the world. According to Artificial intelligence Future Trends, soon Artificial Intelligence will power the majority of human activities in society, households, and business, thereby drastically transforming the way humans work and live. In this technology-dominated era, learning and understanding the concepts of Artificial Intelligence, being updated with the latest trends in AI and implementing it in daily life has become as important as learning to read and write.

What Are The Artificial Intelligence Trends To Watch Out For in 2019?

Artificial Intelligence is futuristic technology, hence AI trends tend to change every now and then. Latest trends in AI are evident to prove that Artificial Intelligence is yet to reveal its true potential to the world and drastically transform the digital space. Let’s take a look at some of the Artificial Intelligence Future Trends that are all set to dominate the year 2019:-

    1. The Rise of AI-enabled Chips

Topping the chart of AI trends in 2019, it is predicted that CPU chip manufacturers will launch AI-powered chips to expedite CPU performance and make it potent enough to control and monitor their own processing. In the year 2019, leading chip companies like Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm will receive a specialized chip that can automate and speed up the operation of AI-powered applications.

    1. Integration of AI and IoT

The year will witness the convergence of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things at the edge of the computer layer. A majority of models developed and tested over the public cloud will be deployed at the edge. Advanced Machine Learning models on neural networks will be prepared to run at the edge.

    1. The Prominence of Automated Machine Learning

An important Artificial Intelligence trend that is going to transform ML-based solutions is AutoML. This drastic and impactful change will empower analysts and developers to harness the power of ML and evolve them to address complex scenarios.

What Are The Main Reasons To Prioritize AI Today?

  1. Speed:New Artificial Intelligence technologies are deployed at an incredibly fast speed. It will significantly bridge the gap between understanding the implications of machines and finding appropriate solutions by possessing AI technologies at lighting fast speed.
  2. Lack of ManForce:Absence of skilled man force has resulted in severe loss for many industries. AI with its multitudinous benefits will enable industries to replace man force with AI to accomplish their tasks efficiently.
  3. Word From Tech Companies:A majority of the leading tech companies have already adopted Artificial Intelligence to relish its reformational benefits. This gives an evident reason for industries to invest in and adopt AI in their organization.

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