Website Colour Schemes To Strike The Right Chords

Website Colour Schemes To Strike The Right Chords
April 26 2019

Websites are the lifeblood of businesses, it speaks for the business and helps in creating a unique brand identity among the targeted audience. Rightly portraying the business objectives and aligning the services, the website helps customers to reach out to the brand more efficiently. Gone are the days when customers used to showcase their loyalty towards the brand through the quality of the advertisement. Now a visibly appealing website is all that a business requires in order to create a sustainable position in the market. The majority of customers are dependent on online sources in order to make a well-informed purchase decision. The website works as a great communication channel and business mirror for customers to invest their loyalty in the brand.

According to a recent study, 80% of customers rely on website information prior to making their purchase. Hence, the website becomes a focal point of attraction for customers. Businesses that are looking to take their brand a notch further in the market need to develop a potent website that can drive traffic. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration while developing a business website.

From the right layout to comprehensive fonts, every aspect of a website is crucial to influencing the target audience. The Colour scheme is one such vital component that creates a significant difference in the website. Colours are not only responsible to make the website more appealing but also a channel to communicate the brand voice. Web design colour schemes are the tone for emotions. Take a look at a few colour combinations for a website that are used for specific purposes:-


The red colour depicts energy, excitement, passion, desire and other powerful emotions, it is counted among the stimulating colours. Hence, it is effective in portraying strong emotions and energy and resonates with speed and power. The entertainment and restaurant industries are the ones which popularly use red colour for their website to stimulate energy and vigour.


It represents confidence, optimism, creativity and friendliness. Using the orange colour scheme on the website imparts a sense of welcoming gesture to the customers. Marketing studies have proven that the orange colour attracts customers (especially shopaholics).


Yellow communicates positivity warmth, cheerfulness, and happiness, it can be used to grab some eyeballs on the website. Yellow is also used to design a child-friendly website as it is a warming colour. Furthermore, the dark shades of yellow give a more rustic and archaic tinge to the website.


Green symbolises peace, freshness, balance and growth, it also represents wealth and tranquillity. Green is often used for established businesses. Green depicts the harmony and power of the website that it holds in the market.


Blue is associated with honesty, authority intelligence, and calmness. It is often used for corporate websites in order to give a professional look. Marketing studies have proven that blue is deemed to be a successful ingredient for business and bank websites to create a sense of trust in the brand among customers.


Purple is interlinked with royalty and luxury. Hence, it is used for big brands which are well-established in the market and possess a dedicated team of luxurious brands, etc.

The importance of a website is more evident than ever. Today it is hard to find a business that doesn’t have an active website. Website is an imperative medium to engage the target audience and turn them into prospective clients. While there are several elements that are crucial for web development, web design colour schemes remain a foundational stone that decides the appearance of the website. Determine the form of the business and its objectives in order to decide the right set of website design colour schemes that will be highly beneficial for the website.

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