Digital Marketing Predictions That Will Turn The Tables For Marketing in 2019

Digital Marketing Predictions That Will Turn The Tables For Marketing in 2019
April 22 2019

Marketing has gone through a digital transformation that has bought infinite opportunities for businesses to carve out new ways to flourish in the industry and reach out to their target audience even more efficiently. There’s no doubt in asserting that a customer sourced through online channels posses much more potential than the one attracted via traditional channels of marketing. Owing to the growing customer demands and increased online engagements, digital marketing assists in reaching out to an enormous audience through a cost-efficient and measurable approach. 75% of marketers have reaped the benefits of digital marketing and come to the conclusion that digital marketing is potent when compared to traditional marketing by all means.

What Do Businesses Receive Through Potent Digital Marketing?

  1. The power to communicate with prospective clients and turn them into a staunch clientele.

  2. A thorough understanding of the audience.

  3. The ability to establish a prominent space in the global marketplace.

  4. Quick tracking of responses for the marketing efforts.

  5. Cost efficiency in reaching the target audience.

  6. A h2 presence in the market that establishes brand loyalty among customers

Owing to the growing technologies and diverse customer demands, digital marketing trends keep on modifying with each passing year. Whether it is to benefit businesses by offering efficient data privacy policy or by enabling customers to connect with the brand more efficiently, online marketing trends 2019 have the potential to strengthen the marketing scenario this year. Take a look at three of the most acclaimed digital marketing predictions 2019 that can transform the marketing realm:-

Automation is the New Marketing

Marketers have now turned into smart marketers. While deploying marketing strategies for a specific audience is quite easier, marketing to a mass audience becomes more difficult in this digitally dominated space. Digital marketing automation will come handy in this complex situation. According to a recent study, the global user base for mobile apps will witness a hike of 30% by 2021. Hence, several digital marketing mediums will be automated in order to optimize marketing efforts.

AI For More Human Marketing

Today AI is everywhere and its applications will pave way for innovation beyond the set scale. Owing to its multitudinous benefits, AI will get wide exposure in the digital marketing domain. Marketers are adopting AI in order to harness it’s potential to reach out to the target audience seamlessly. It has the power to humanise marketing efforts without disrupting the core concept of digital marketing. AI will be an evolving element to transform marketers from simply knowing to thoroughly understanding the target customers.

Strengthened Data Regulations & Privacy Policy

Marketers deal with an infinite amount of customer data that works like a key to enhanced marketing efforts and foundation of innovative marketing strategies. While it is important to learn and segregate customers based on the data provided, it is also essential to safeguard that data from breaches. Following the effect of GDPR in 2018, the lawmakers and legislators across the globe are working towards deploying more and more strict privacy laws that will control businesses to use customers data only to some extent.

Digital marketing is a potent and more reliable version of traditional marketing. Reaching out to the target audience in a more cost-efficient and innovative way is the key to turn leads into clients and expedite sales. With technologies transforming at a lightning-fast pace, online marketing trends tend to change for the better. According to the latest digital marketing trends, there’s no doubt in asserting that digital marketing has a potent future in transforming the business realm by providing a better avenue for customers to reach their brand. With automation marketing and AI being the sauce of digital marketing in 2019, it is predicted that marketing will take an unpredictable leap this year that will significantly leverage the global reach of businesses.

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