Best Cloud Storage Solutions for SMEs in 2017

August 18 2017

In the age where data has become an important solution to many of the business questions, the storage of it has become a barrier. The traditional storage devices like hard drives, pen drives, etc have been taken over by smart cloud solutions. These cloud solutions actually provide the freedom to the companies of data access whenever and wherever they like.

Cloud storage solutions are probably one of the smartest investments made by businesses now. Especially for small businesses, it saves a lot of money. Benefits of cloud storage includes zero maintenance cost, increased security, high flexibility, and real-time updating of data these solutions are actually the most sought after services across businesses. Let’s see some of the best solutions for this year now.

Just Cloud

It is a simple, fast, and secure online storage solution. It automatically backs up documents, photos, music, videos stored on the user’s computer to the cloud they have logged in to. It has unlimited storage at a minimum cost and can effectively sync multiple computers and mobile devices without compromising on data security. The solution has more than 50 features like admin control, file versioning, access management, and many more to make your life easy.


One of the popular storage solutions available today is Dropbox. The creators of it boast of seamless sync, backup, cross-platform sharing, and integration features. The solution offers free storage up to 2 GB along with Microsoft 365 integration. It also provides a Pro plan with 1 TB of storage and a Business Plan with unlimited storage and prioritized support. Thus, with Dropbox downloaded, you can access your files anywhere from desktops, computers, laptops to smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a beautiful creation by Microsoft with a plethora of features and applications. It has power searching, cross-platform syncing, and downloadable software for syncing files to the cloud. The space provided by it is about 15 GB for individual users and a higher limit of up to 100, 200 GB, and 1 TB at a minimal price payment. The business plans have a trial period and offer 1 TB space at a very affordable price.

Google Drive

Well, cloud storage is not just about storing files and videos only. It is all about the increased productivity and performance where many people can work, save or edit documents sheets, or slides at the same time. Google Drive provides all of this with its own versions of Microsoft Office’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint respectively. It offers 15 GB of free cloud storage plus some additional storage that can be purchased on a basic monthly subscription.

Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service is the best for companies who want ample cloud storage on a small budget. Its highly scalable infrastructure, security, reliability, speed, web computing capabilities, and advanced features have attracted some of the big names in the market like Pinterest, Netflix, and NASDAQ. With it, businesses can now store and distribute media, documents, files, implement backup, archiving, and disaster-recovery systems and host their websites on Amazon servers. It is an absolutely free service and comes with 5 GB of storage and 15 GB of data transfer a year. Additional prices would be applied in case of more requirements.