Bidding farewell to 6 web design elements

June 10 2015

The world is witnessing fast changes in digital designs and it is necessary to keep up with these mutations or else our website would become outdated even before we come to know about it. We have 6 bloopers for you to avoid creating an image of the worst-dressed on the digital media. This will help you attract numerous customers to your website.

Bidding farewell to 6 web design elements

The six elements we would promulgate in front of you are of great importance. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Visitor counter

If you are blogging only for kicks and just want to know the number of times your friends and loved ones make an audit, the visitor counter works wonders in such a requirement. Else ways it looks a little childish and more self-serving. It lands you to an awkward situation as when you have low no. of visitors, you tend to question yourself on why and how is this possible. On the other hand, when you have plenty of customers on your list, you keep wondering about why you actually do not have the capacity to the hit no’s in a better and confound manner.

Design with fonts and colors

Downloading all the font packs makes a great deal. Avail all the types of fonts that are known to man. But you must not select more than 3 for your own site. This exactly same technique goes for your colors as well. Tenacious nature in all manners is beneficial for all professions. Also, it gifts a modern, varied design and a structure, which in turn, distracts the user’s eye.

Oversized banners

Colossal banners used to create a great difference. Those times have passed away. The site visitors are hardly interested in such examples; rather they are more attracted towards the content, which has points related to their interests, and are beneficial for them. A big banner with less content does not explains much about your company or your business or the website. Nevertheless it also takes large amount of loading time when the visitor opens up your web page.

Under construction notices

This is the worst sign up you can design and rely over when your site is under modification. You are actually telling your customers to never visit the site again!

If it is that you really want to put up something of this sort then you may write your company name and the contact information. Rather than putting up a silly graphic this would be more useful.

Excessive content usage

Putting up content that is of no use will bring out negative views, as nobody out here is much interested in your personal life or your family or whatever. Online visitors have a habit of scanning fast. If it appears to be tacky or over the top details are given then they may click the close button as soon as possible.

Web optimization only required

It is not rocket science to find out how many people have been browsing your website through their cell phones. If your page is not optimized for mobile usage, it might make you lose some impatient clients.

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