Website Redesign

February 03 2014
Responsive Web Design

After enjoying an amazing New Year, it’s now time to get out of holiday hangover and to look at your website. Every new year comes with new opportunities and requirements. Same is the case with your website which needs some changes in order to make it more profitable. Every year, 68% of the marketers redesign there website in order to make it responsive or for any other reason. Even some big firms such as Audi, Flickr and Google have redesigned their websites in order to improve user experience and to satisfy all needs of users. So why not you? Do you want that you stand alone in a bad way, while all others re-launch their new websites?

So, here are some reasons which we will cover up and will prove that website redesign is essential.

#1 Implementing some Latest Technologies

Latest Technologies

It is rightly said that –“In order to win the battle, you need to have latest weapons.” So, now the question arises, can you win the battle from your competitors without updating your website? In 2013, there were various updates which led to introduction and implementation of responsive designs. Now, as we have entered in 2014, so have you made your site responsive by using CSS3 and HTML5? If not, have you updated it with new technologies like Zerb etc?

There is another reason suggesting why it needs to be redesigned! There are new versions of WordPress which would help you to make your site look better.

#2 Keeping in Step with the Latest TrendsLatest Trends

In 2013, there were various updates in terms of web-design:

  1. Responsive Web Design: In the past year, many people wrote on Responsive Web design. But have you gone through the article of Mashable that came in December, 2012 which was about Why 2013 is the year of Responsive Web Design.Even the same context article was posted on Forbes which clearly urged businesses to get a responsive website before 2014 ended.
  2. Flat Design: In 2013, designers brought the flatter icons, zero gradients and patterns. This trend led to introduction of many new designs which completely transformed the web industry. In this year, we got to see more sites with 2-D physicality, which made designs simpler and more attractive.Flat Design

Keeping Up with pace, there were new trends like Minimalist which completely changed the looks of fashion sites and brought a new theme which was fully enriched with new UI.

#3 What does Google want from you?


You must have heard about all penguins, panda and Hummingbird updates which had transformed the complete search industry. After that all individuals or companies started thinking what Google actually wants?

To add on, does Google have any interest in your site design? What you have made?

Google loves rich UI and UX. Google algorithm is based on artificial intelligence which leads to imprint human mind. So, you may consider Google like a human. We, as humans, like user experience feature of any website. In the same way Google takes it too.

Right now, Google acquires 71% of search market. If you build a site which is Google-friendly or which has good user experience, you would be making your customers and indirectly Google happy.

What Google wants you to do is satisfy users by giving them useful actionable information. Satisfaction is a ranking factor, and if your website is not delivering value on Google’s terms and this is reflected in your Analytics, it needs to be redesigned; it’s UI and UX that need an overhaul.

#4 What are your Customers’ thoughts?

Latest Technologies

Have you ever thought why new websites get lots of visitors and old websites which are not updated since long time have almost negligible visitors?

Google says that-“It is always fair to give a new look to your website.”

Do you think it is true? Let’s take an example to understand. Do you feel bored by viewing the same old thing, ten or twenty times? If yes, then can you compare this to your website which is not updated since say a year? Do you think visitors would get bored? Ideally, visitors get bored. So, what are you waiting for? Your site needs a redesign to get new visitors and retain existing clients.

People get bored of sites just because:

  1. Same information
  2. Same visuals
  3. No surprises
  4. No Engagement

So, build a new website which will attract new customers and retain existing clients.