How to Drive Conversions on Your Website or Landing Page?

August 25 2014

One can use psychological principles to prompt action on his/her website and boost conversions. These principles rely on certain triggers that tempt users to complete an action. Some of the most common triggers are given below.



As observed through many tests, simple always wins. Simple websites and landing pages generally enjoy a higher click-through rate (CTR) for calls-to-action than sites with too many options or content. The basic reason behind this is choice paralysis. If a customer is offered too many options or choices, they are less likely to buy than if there are only a few.

According to a series of studies conducted by Columbia University, participants were tested in different scenarios and in each scenario, they were presented with a series of options. Also, in each study, half of the participants were given six options, and the other half was given around 25-30 choices. The first half that was given six choices showed more likeliness to make a choice (i.e. convert), and reported being more satisfied as compared to the other half.


Thoughtfully chosen graphics used with clear, informative and legitimate blocks of text can greatly enhance conversions.


According to certain eye-tracking studies, it has been observed that eyes are more likely to be drawn to the images of people rather than stock images. This is because the images with real customers come across as more genuine and as such, prove to be highly appealing. Moreover, when the user sees an image of another person, he/she feels more connected. Online marketing professionals can use this technique to draw attention to more important pieces of content on a webpage.

For online merchants and e-commerce stores, it is highly recommended that they provide high-quality images of their products and that too from different angles. This helps in overcoming consumer doubts and increases conversions. Also, an attractive and descriptive call-to-action can impact the conversion rates in a positive manner.

Display the Benefits

When you mention the benefits that are followed by the completion of an action on a page, a user is more likely to execute the action. This is because it makes it easy for them to contrast the benefits with the costs, i.e. perform the cost-benefit analysis.

Also, it’s important that benefits are highlighted through catchy snippets that readily gain the attention of the user. Moreover, it is especially useful to re-mention the free things, they’ll be receiving, near call-to-action buttons. This results in higher ROI.

Display the Drawbacks

As you mention the benefits that result from executing the action; it’s important that you mention the drawbacks that may result from not completing the same. This triggers FOMO in the customers – the “fear of missing out.” People don’t want to live with the feeling that they are not going to have something that everybody else out there has.

For example, take our relationship with smartphones. It has only worsened this situation of fear. Everyone wants to stay updated with everything related to their smartphones whether it is an app or accessory or anything else; no one wants to lag behind in the race.

FOMO exists not only in our social lives but in our professional lives as well. Web designers and marketers can make use of this fear by mentioning what a user is going to miss out on if he/she doesn’t complete the action.


Believe it or not; customers often judge a company’s trustworthiness and service offering by the standard of their website design.

landing page

In a recent study, it was found that about 75% of the surveyed people judged a company’s credibility solely based on its website design. This makes us readily conclude that design has a major impact on consumers. It not only acts as a deciding factor of whether a user will complete an action on a website, but it also projects a good or bad image of the company to the customers that make them decide whether to use any of the products or services or not.

Final Word

Good designing is extremely important in the online world, but you need to incorporate appealing graphics, benefits and drawbacks of completing and not completing the action; and at the same time, maintain simplicity throughout. This way you can ensure achieve high conversion rates.