Facebook Live: What You Need to Know as a Marketer?

Facebook Live: What You Need to Know as a Marketer?
February 03 2016

Have you heard of Facebook and live and wishes to use it for your business. Facebook live lets you share the real-time video of what you are doing with fans, friends and followers. Since, it is an important tool and can be used in variety of ways we will discover in this article how marketers can use Facebook live and live video in their marketing strategy.

Facebook Live: What is it?

First came out in August 2015 for the verified public figures, Facebook has been releasing the Live over the last several months. Initially it became available to select few people on their personal profile and then it was released to all the verified Facebook pages later in the same month.

Facebook initially released it to select few because by doing so it had hoped to control the demand on the bandwidth and to set a new standard for video streaming and the reach of the live broadcasts is being controlled through the same news feed ranking algorithm.
In coming months it will be available to more profiles and pages and then eventually to Android users

Broadcast with Facebook live

Broadcast with Facebook live

You can broadcast Facebook live through profile or mentions app and it is simple just click the update status button and then click on Live icon. Write a quick description in the status update box and description will be visible in the news feed. Select your audience before going live and then tap on Go Live. Then point the camera to yourself or to your surrounding in order to catch the video. During the broadcast you will be able to see number of live viewers and which friends are turning in and which are commenting. All of this data will be visible in real time. After you’ve ended the broadcast it will be visible on the news feed like any other video.

Just make sure to have your follower button activate in order to reach the wider audience.

Improve the video

Below are some recommendations by which you can improve your videos.

  1. Focus your broadcast

    Focus your broadcast so that you know what you are going to talk about and don’t have to ramble non-sense. It will do wonders for your online reputation.

  2. Compelling title

    Make sure that the title of your videos relates completely to your content in the videos and try to make it catchy. Because when you go live your title is what people are going to see first and based on your title they will decide whether to see your broadcast or not.

  3. Take care of the audio

    While broadcasting, make sure that you are speaking clearly and loudly so that your audience is able to hear to you. It’s like any other video; you have to clear so that you are audible to the people who are watching you. Also, avoid broadcasting where there is noise in the background.

  4. Acknowledge the audience

    When you are broadcasting make sure address your viewers or friends if it necessary. Also, respond to the questions and comments during or after the video.

  5. Test broadcast length and time

    Experiment with the length and time of the broadcasts. Try a mix of long, short and medium with a blend of different timings of the day to see when your followers are active the most and how much they like to chew on. Once you are done with this you will have the idea of broadcast length and the time on which you need to broadcast it.

  6. Be selective

    Make your content special and selective so every time you broadcast it people are curious to see what new thing you are going to speak or tell them about.

Edit your video

Once the video is on your wall you can edit it like any other normal video. Choose the video, click on edit and then:

  1. Choose the thumbnail

  2. Select category for your video

  3. Add call to action like shop now or learn more

Coming to the end

Facebook videos can be used for behind the scenes, Q and A’s, how to, product demo and much more. There is no limit and you will only be limited by your own imagination.

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