Which Social Media Marketing Tactics Bring e-commerce Sites Higher Traffic?

Which Social Media Marketing Tactics Bring e-commerce Sites Higher Traffic?
June 30 2016

Social media marketing has been around for quite sometime with widespread impact on the way people shop and sell. However, the biggest challenge most online business do encounter is the increase in traffic to their e-commerce sites. That is why; knowing the basics of social media marketing services i.e. where to start, how to stand tall in crowds of competing online businesses for same web traffic is an enormous challenge. The substantial emergence of e-commerce businesses globally has given ecommerce sites ability to attract vital number of visitors necessary to remain active in business.

Social Media Tactics that Count in Getting Higher Online Traffic

  1. Daily Content Posts; the easiest and fastest way to increase social media community over a period of time is by posting unique content daily. Divergent online audiences respond to divergent posting rates given geographical location and timing. What is vital is paying attention to the time of the day when the content posts are done since some regions may have retired from business hours of the day. Time influences post a lot as many countries and regions have different time zones too.

  2. Insert and Share Images; the best way to increase social media engagement on Facebook is by adding images to the posts. Facebook photos show more likes on each average post. In case of interest to post announcements or promoting pieces of content then include links to the page within the post and attach images to the post. Adding images to text-based announcements is more compelling and increases click-through rates significantly on social media.

  3. Social Media Sharing Icons; when there are high impressions on social media networks it means the high potential for like clicks. The fast route to increase the number of impressions on social networks is adding social media sharing icons on the website and in marketing post channels. Most blogs have social media sharing icons to make visitors share blogs and articles. It can be in the lower part of the website or blog, the title of the website and blog, newsletter, email signature, or blog posts.

  4. Social Media Reviews;Social Media Marketing

    product reviews build faith and offer perspectives on products which is an impressive method to multiply sales and turnover. Social media reviews fetch social traffic to product pages thereby sparking increased sales.

  5. Create Content in Bits; creating smaller bits of content for swift and simple use makes it faster to read and click through. This also makes an eager audience interested with short attention spans.

  6. Change Title Blogs Frequently; blog title posts carry significant weight and therefore deserve attention while creating content of blog posts. There are some basic tips to optimize blog titles like; easy language, traits of urgency, fear, desire, brief and precise, apply negatives of do not do this or do this.

  7. Illustrate with Infographics; infographics are popular and effective tools to use. Using professionally illustrated infographic is one of the most successful tactics to induce a remarkable increase in website traffic to your site and help get a number of high-value backlinks. Taking time to look for interesting topics in any industry equips a lot of points that can be covered in the infographics.
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