iPhone 5S

March 26 2013

Apple’s new iPhone flagship device is on the door and may arrive by end of the June this year. The news is confirmed by the officials of Apple that the iPhone 5S can make its market appearance very soon.

As it is revealed by the officials, the company is planning to sell 4 million units in the first week of its launching. The estimate is made keeping the previous sales in mind when the company succeeded in selling 5 million devices of iPhone 5 in launching week.

Now the entire world has a curious eye on the features of iPhone 5S. As expected, the phone may arrive with a powerful processor, better camera and many other software and hardware features. Also, it is anticipated the phone may consists the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip to open the doors for mobile payments.

The phone may also wear a biometric security system, also known as fingerprint reader. The system will be designed by AuthenTech that is the security provider of Apple. However there is a rumour that this feature will arrive with iPhone 6, not with 5S.

The launch of new budget iPhone is in the pipeline and Apple will be making the final announcement by September. The phone will cost around $250 and will target the middle-class audience. Predominantly, the budget iPhone will be capable of strengthening the position of company in low-cost smartphone market. Also, there will be the arrival of Apple Television, which will make its market appearance by December.

Both the products don’t seem to make huge profit for the company, but they will surely prove one thing that Apple is still capable of producing innovative gadgets. It will thus improve the reputation and stock price of the company. “We believe investors have wondered if Apple can put out new and innovating products without Steve Jobs,” Munster said in an investors note released today. “We believe that ultimately, if Apple is viewed as a company that can innovate, the multiple will improve.”

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