Adobe Flex

December 17 2012

Adobe Flex has now turned to Apache Flex. The software is merged to the Apache community and currently is in incubator status. Incubator status is a holding place where the new projects of Apache are being stored before they become full-fledged. After one or two releases, the project is taken out from the incubator status and become full-fledged. The great news is, this project is globally accepted hence we can anticipate soon it will come out of the incubator status. The project is just a beauty in itself and it’s a nice experience to browse it accomplishing all the activities. The project is a result of hard work of a great number of dedicated and highly talented developers.

Now, the biggest question arriving in everyone’s mind is, should we continue to create apps with Flex? But clearly speaking, we should as the project is taken to a higher level hence it will certainly improve the quality of the final product. The technology is still very useful in development process and the dedication and hard work of the developers of Flex is clearly visible in its performance. But one thing to keep in mind never put all your eggs in single basket.

It will be better for one to be well aware of the latest technologies along with utilizing the previous ones. Even after the update, Flex will still remain an excellent choice for the right type of application.

The Logo of updated Flex is a hot topic of discussion nowadays. The developers conducted a contest and more than 50 entries were submitted about the logo of Flex. Finally, the logo chosen by the developers is declared as the official logo of it.

The bottom line is, it is still beneficial to continue using Flex. The 2012 Flex User Group Tour is just approaching in some days and more discussion will be made there about the latest 4.6 release. The discussion will clear all the doubts most of the people are having about this update. Currently, everyone is waiting with baited heart about what Adobe has in its bucket to launch next. Just wait and watch, there is still lot to come.

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