Is Local SEO Important for your business?

March 17 2016

With the update of Google's pigeon local SEO has become important more than ever. Many entrepreneurs are re-focusing their strategy on local SEO. Earlier local SEO was not considered important but today it is of great significance for inbound marketing. For some who were regular in practicing the local SEO saw this as an opportunity to put more efforts into local SEO. Local SEO has risen but this is just the start and in coming years its impact will be even stronger and useful for the businesses.

Google’s love for local businesses

Google has been in favor of small and agile businesses from the very beginning. But for major part of the time its rankings have been largely influenced by the brand’s history and authority over the market field. But Google is also focused on giving people what they want and this means giving more power to the small business owners whose resource access is limited. Google also has a long history of providing several tools such as:

  1. Analytics

  2. Webmaster

for free to the business owners so that they can increase their online visibility among the entire world. Since, Google loves local businesses so much it will not be an exaggeration to say that pigeon is only the beginning.

Standalone results

Google also loves giving result depending upon the person who is searching the web but these predictive features are very limited for the present time. If one is logged into Google while searching its location and search history affects the results which he sees.

As the predictive features grow more sophisticated and people began to demand more individualized results the importance of local SEO will only grow in the future.

Mobile and Wearable devices

Mobile and Wearable devices

Mobile search have finally taken over the desktop search and with mobile majority of searches are done one the go and with the dawn of the wearable devices such as Apple and Samsung watch on the go searches are only going to increase in number more frequently. For such searches proximity results will play a great role and all of these will be based on specific locations. In short with the growth of mobile devices location based searches will become more important and this trend in turn will drive the local SEO strategies.

Increasing competition

Every second thousands of websites are created and new businesses are established. With all this increase in business and websites business owners will be forced to find their small niche and the best way to do this is to optimize the website locally which means that as the competition increases the importance of local SEO will only increase.

Unless you have a dominant global presence local Search Engine Optimization will become necessity in order to achieve the search engine visibility. Start today by taking appropriate measures and stay committed and you will see the changes and with Google favoring local SEO you will only benefit more.