Microsoft Windows Server 2012

December 17 2012

Windows 8 is just about to make its market appearance in a few days, and a new announcement has made from the manufacturer that this superior OS will be equipped with enterprises solutions. Keeping the fact in mind many people use their handheld devices or personal machines to access business data, there was always a need of a more secured system, thus the OS will be entailed with a requirement of password and data encryption, which will make it better as long as security is concerned.

Microsoft has also made its contribution in this OS by equipping it with cloud computing. The OS will be entailed with Windows Server 2012. The company is pretty sure the new features of Windows 8 will take cloud computing to a new horizon.

With increasing popularity of cloud computing in recent times, each and every technology giant is running to utilize its benefits. The latest version of Windows will also be sporting a superior virtualization attributes, which is good enough to compete with market leader of virtualization, the VMWare. The Microsoft’s built-in solution is named as Hyper-V and it’s adorned with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

According to the official of Microsoft, the Windows Server 2012 can of virtualizes more than 99 percent SQL databases. It’s also good enough to support virtual machines with 64 virtual processors. The configuration supported is 1TB of memory per virtual machine and 8000 virtual machines per cluster. All these features will make it easier to handle large data cluster servers remotely.

With Windows Server 2012, customers will be able to create their personal clouds or can share their partner’s hosted clouds. This feature was only available with Windows Azure by now. There are two editions launched of this server, named at Windows Server 2012 Standard and Windows Server 2012 Datacenter. Both of the variants are arriving with almost similar features, apart from a difference that where the Standard edition is capable of supporting just two virtual instances, the Datacenter edition is arriving with unlimited virtual instances support.

The new server is primarily centered towards benefiting the small scale businesses which require higher storage devices. The only option available by now is, either they go with a DAS or install an SAN to increase the volume. Both of these techniques are quite expensive and the cost may reach to five digits. It’s not possible for a small scale business owner to afford such high priced options. The new server has an excellent solution in form of filling the gap between DAS and SAN. You can take a collection of disks and arrange them in form of Just a Bunch of Disks (JBOD) to create the virtual space.

One more feature Windows Server 2012 possesses is data duplication, which is named as Dudupe. This feature when encounters a duplication of data, it places a pointer on duplicate block. This feature may save as much as 95 percent of data storage, hence not just beneficial for small scale but benefits businesses of all categories.

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