Traits of a Great Optimizer

April 30 2015

With the increase in internet usage, the data that is being exchanged is enormous. Hence, companies like Google and other MNCs are trying to optimize their data in order to increase the efficiency and computing speed and for the same purpose they require people with great optimization skills.

But what makes an individual a great optimizer. Not just he has to have universal qualities like pro-activeness and efficiency; he needs to be different in terms of thinking process too.

There are some qualities that a Great Optimizer must possess. These are:

Traits of a Great Optimizer - Fullestop Blogs

Polymath: Optimizer should work with an open mind

To be good in something you need to master in that skill but now question arises how to master the skill for that optimizers needs to be curious and should be keen to learn he has to be both analytics ninja and copywriting wizard.

As per the old saying “Too many spices spoil the curry” likewise having more and more people in the team increases cost as well as complexity. So, Optimizer needs to have basic knowledge about each aspect.

Criticality: Deep Thinking and asking questions to the point

Optimizers don’t go by the thinking of other people that see the world with a different sight and thus knows it differently.

Optimization always starts with asking right questions which help him/her in finding the right hypothesis. Questions can be like

  1. Context of the matter

  2. How will be involved

  3. Correlation or cause

  4. What is the layout of design, why are they doing it

Critical thinking and asking appropriate questions is not that simple as it seems it requires greater understanding of the topic and in depth analysis.

Understanding the human tendency

In every facet of business whether it B2B or B2C, we have to deal with human with different opinions and nature. So while working with them Optimizer needs to take care of some points:

  1. Understanding their working strategy and behaviour

  2. Persuading then to take desired action

  3. Being upto date with market research.

  4. People general views and websites.

  5. Cognitive biases

Number Friendly

Most of us don’t like to deal with numbers but among us there are certain humans who think numbers are sexy and love to play with them.

You don’t have to be nerdy to be in love with numbers, great optimizers love to play with numbers, analytics and data.While dealing with numbers optimizer needs to have:

  1. Good understanding of an analytics tool to work on it.

  2. Identifying where website is leaking its cost.

  3. Turning quantified data into insights

Along with analytics, optimizer needs to be statistical strong to understand importance of data pollution, sample sizes probability etc.

Persuasive Copywriting skills

Copywriting is highly important and optimizer needs to have her way in that. Writing doesn’t come to anyone naturally; similarly differentiating between good and bad write ups is also a skill.

Since writing is not natural people tend to copy paste the content. So, a great Optimizer needs to analyse the content and must to able to pin point the differences and suggest alternatives.

Being Good with People

Optimizers are generally not very shy, they are mostly very confident, articulate and very curious personalities. They are also very ambitious and keen learners.

They are usually good with people, tend to get along easily. Hence, while working in an organization it is really important to have good people skills so that you can easily explain them about the work you are doing, the effort you are putting in.

Hence, it is said that there will be enough chances to get hired but firing off requires only one chance.

So, it seems like great optimizer needs to have good in each and every department and also need to poses a variety of skills to survive in this competing environment.Hence finding a great optimizer is hell of a task but nothing is impossible. Keep track our Fullestop blogs continuously.