Facebook’s “React Native”: How it will change mobile apps?

July 03 2015

For building new apps, Facebook just introduced its open source react native framework. It lets the developers write in JavaScript while still delivering the native user interface. It is basically a description that would enable non-technical readers to create a shrug. But this announcement has some profound implications. Very soon, an application development industry would be setup which will affect everyone who possesses a smart device.

Facebook’s “React Native”: How it will change mobile apps?

Html vs. Native war

It is not an easy choice for the mobile developers as well. The widely accepted fact is that native tools are often required for developer in order to perform the best user experience for all. They put in their best effort to produce faster and neater apps which do act and behave in the way which is desirable to the user.

The advantage of using the native tools is that they are easily compatible with the in compatible programming languages. In addition, in other words, we can say that it needs to be developed in more innovative way, and it has to be developed twice or thrice to be able to run on iOS, android and some other leading platforms. This includes a large amount of capital investment and proves to be a major pain for the media industry.

Nevertheless, there are some cross platform industry solutions, which have been mostly used on technologies that are certainly based on the web, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Web pages are displayed by all mobile platforms, which clearly suggests that a version of app must be introduced that is fully web based and helps in workflow.

What is react native tool?

It is a tool that forms a combination of two distinctively related approaches. It allows the developers to write a JavaScript which a very popular language for the entry level that runs on all the mainstream mobile devices, displays an interface for the user while using native components.

There are still a lot more platforms that need to be proven, react native showcases the user that they will have to make a hard choice among HTML and the native software.

Better and Way more Creative Apps

React native tells how strong thought can a developer have while designing an application and provide the users with an interface with JavaScript.

Web developers are able to make changes in the existing code and watch out in the results of those they have edited. There are some times when the native app developers have to bug their time waiting for the right tolls to appear so that they can compile, deploy and launch the app for the mobile services.

In the coming years users will find more creative and friendly apps, that would be more clean and responsive. The separation between the user interface and the logic that drives it, this approach is what is known as the reactive approach.

The app industry today is dealing with no. of pains since the invention of smartphones.

However, for now, they can thank Facebook for creating a path to the newest era which is very clear, i.e. it shows better tools, new ideas and opens up a source of codebases.

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