Mobile Website vs Mobile App for a Startup

Mobile Website vs Mobile App for a Startup
April 15 2019

With the advent of technology, we are becoming more dependent on the things which are there at our fingertips. From buying dresses online to ordering food online and looking for doctors online to looking for bride and groom online, we are inclining more towards facilitating daily chores which are undermining our patience. Earlier we had a website for everything we want but with the passage of time and the advancement of technology, we now have apps to serve the same purpose in a much easier way. Unlike old-school debates on online shopping vs offline shopping, now we have a different topic to debate on, mobile websites vs mobile apps for startups.

Let’s make a deep dive into the debate of mobile website vs mobile app for a startup for a better understanding. No matter you are a startup or an MNC, if you want to reach out to your potential customer then one of the best ways is to build something which is there at their fingertip. Mobile website vs mobile app for a startup, which is better?

1 – Downloading or No Downloading

The mobile app needs to be downloaded first. Unlike a mobile app, a mobile website is easily accessible as your customers don’t need to wait for the download to be completed. So, here comes the role of customer taste whether the customer has this much patience to download the app or wants to access it through a website. So, a mobile website will attract more customers as compared to mobile apps.

2 – Screen Occupancy

Some websites fit within your mobile screen while others don’t. This is not the case with a mobile app. Mobile apps are built in such a way that your customers don’t need to adjust them every time. It automatically fits within the screen for a better experience.

3 – Frequency Makes the Difference

Customers find it difficult to reload the website time on their smartphones as compared to opening an app which is already on their mobile. Customers use the mobile app frequently as compared to the mobile website. This makes a difference in the number of mobile website users and mobile app users. If startups want not only the attention of their customers but also want to retain them so they should go for a mobile app.

4 – Updates

When it comes to the update of the app, the developer needs to update it every time and customers find it difficult to keep updating their app every time. A startup would not want their customers to miss any of their updates so it will be better to go for a mobile website.

5 – Data Storage Affects the Performance of the Device

When we talk about the data which is there in the app, it is stored in the device itself. This may lead to performance degradation of the device. On the other hand, the data which is there on the website remains on the server and hardly affects the device’s performance. So, startups can make their customers happy by engaging them on a mobile website rather than the mobile app in order to make their experience good.

6 – More Secure or Less Secure

Security is one of the major concerns of companies. When it comes to security, preference between a mobile website and vs mobile app for a startup will go with the mobile app. There is a long list of security tools which make the mobile app more secure as compared to the mobile website. So, the startup must choose an app in order to keep its content private.

In the era of the latest technology, no matter what you have at your fingertip to fulfil your wish. The ultimate goal of a customer is to fulfil his wishes. All a company wants is to fulfil its wishes and retain its customer forever. So, we can bring the debate on mobile websites vs mobile apps for a startup to a conclusion by saying that the purpose must be the deciding factor. When it comes to startup, newbie needs to keep everything in mind before investing their time, money and efforts. Each penny investing in a startup must bring something fruitful.