Dynamic Advertising: Building Personalized Relations with the Customer

July 21 2015

Collecting large volumes of data is very but using it in the right way to produce more accurate and compelling ads is much more difficult and this is where dynamic ads come into play because data will only keep you at the bay. It is creativity that will take you across. Collecting the data from the customer is only the beginning and using that data to deliver the dynamic ads to the right person and at the right time will help in bridging the gap between the customer and the data.

Dynamic Advertising Building Personalized Relations with the Customer

What is dynamic advertising?

Known by the different names such as Dynamic Remarketing, Dynamic Product or Dynamic Product ads it simply refers to the ad where the design elements are generated dynamically based on the data captured from the user.

Product feed

Product feed refers to the simple data file which helps in categorizing and structuring the products and their attributes. Apart from containing the name, image, product description feed also includes the metadata like product category, gender condition and so on.

Building an Ad Using Actionable Data

The most basic type of dynamic ad involves creating the ad using the browsing history of the user. Ad is generated automatically based on the product and categories in which user has shown the interest. Additional factors like the recency, data and whether conditions can also be used to serve the user with the better and more appropriate ads. Recency in the most important parameter among all of them because the older the data the less relevant it becomes.

Google Product Listing

While product feeds are dynamically generate Product Listing these ads are shown in response to the keywords added in the search box and does not take into the account any other user data.

Remarketing ads

Google offer dynamic ads in terms of dynamic remarketing. These are actually the banner ads that run on the Google display network.

Facebook’s Exchange Dynamic Retargeting

Facebook has been offering the dynamic ads even before the release of the Dynamic Product Ads offering. Facebook exchange dynamic retargeting allows advertisers to serve the dynamic ads on the news feed or on the right hand rail.

Dynamic ads which are served through the FBX or Facebook’s native platform are not very much different from one another however there are couple of key differences in them and they are:

  1. Dynamic FBX ads are shown only on the desktop environment.

  2. Dynamic FBX ads are only limited to single product only.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs)

Though DPA is not a breakthrough innovation in dynamic ads but, Facebook added some new features to its native dynamic ad platform.

  1. DPAs can serve to users on both desktops as well as on mobile platforms.

  2. Added the ability to display three products within the single ad.

  3. Give the ability to the advertiser to target the users based on the Audiences and Lookalikes.

All in all there are three simple steps involved in the building of the dynamic ads and they are:

  1. Start building the ad on the platform.

  2. Always be relevant to the customers.

  3. Test your ad thoroughly as small and simple changes can affect the conversion rate.

Final Word

Today dynamic ads are necessary and companies like Google, Facebook and other third party platforms are offering simple ways to build them. Dynamic ads are the first step in creating a more personalized approach with the customers.