3 money-making iPhone apps

December 13 2013

You see iPhone apps from a different approach, and business owners see them from another. iPhone apps development is a profitable business for business owners, and for developers you can say. But as an end user, you hardly have any chance of making direct money from these apps.

But this was the story of past and now you, as an iPhone user, have the chances of making direct money from this powerful gadget. Here are some apps you may use in order to fill your pocket without much efforts. Keep reading and keep earning:

Survey.com app:

Survey.com website has already gained considerable popularity amongst people by offering them the opportunity to make instant money. The iPhone app of this company is no more an exception, allowing you to take part in various surveys and get a chance of earning. The application conducts online surveys and pays you 10 cents for every unit you answer. More surveys you answer, more you earn. Minimum withdrawal amount is $7.50 which is paid within two days of request. The app is very user friendly, together with excellent themes and UI.


Jingit is another excellent app in this category. In order to start earning, you need to login with your Facebook credentials. It’s basically a user affiliation app where you can earn through online Ads. It has a weekly cap of $15. The amount you earn is directly transferred to your bank account through US Bank debit card. Due to its ease and flexibility, the app is perfectly suitable for any age.

We Reward:

A venture from IZEA, We Reward is an excellent app for making quick money. No extra efforts are required to earn through this app. All you need to do is checking in the restaurants and your earning will be rewarded to you. The user-oriented interface and fluid design make this app very adorable.

These are just few examples and the app store is filled with many such apps. Making money with these apps is a fun, particularly if you love exploring the iPhone apps world.

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