Top 10 new Apps for IPhone – A Fullestop Review

August 01 2014

Several apps are released every month for facilitating one thing or the other. And, with these million apps out there, the common users feel almost lost as to what to choose among them and what to not.

So, here we are enlisting the latest IPhone apps that came out in July this year.

Iphone Apps


Kinomatic is an all new video app for the iPhone users, with manual recording and powerful editing features. What’s most cool about this app is its simple and streamlined user interface in spite of the varied functionalities it offers. Some of the manual features include exposure, white balance, focus and crop ratio settings. Moreover, clips shot in a sequence can be edited to form a film. The app offers tools to trim and re-order the clips, add audio tracks and titles, adjust sound, etc.

In fact, the ease and speed with which you can perform these activities is quite impressive. As such, it haot to offer to iPhone videographers.


A new iPhone app by Pixite that allow embedding stunning 3D effects to photographs by intelligently applying shadows and reflections. The creations so formed can then be exported as photos or video loops. To be more precise, you can easily add an alien element to your pictures and videos with this app.


Numerics is a customizable dashboard app for business users. It enables them to display different pieces of institutional information in one place. The app can be thought of as a toolkit that lets you combine data from a variety of sources, like Basecamp, Google Analytics, stock information, Zendesk and Facebook, and display them in a customized way.

The app comes bundled with numerous pre-designed widgets to help with the process. The data can be displayed as numbers or in the form of charts and graphs depending on user choice. Even colors and other attributes can be adjusted. Basically, numerics is a wonder app that lets you know your numbers and take informed decisions.

Party Party

With its stop motion feature, the app allows you to layer your photographs on top of one another making a loop animation. Party Party can really bring an experience to life.


Podcast Player: A powerful podcast player by Macro Arment that comes with a simple interface, yet a wide range of features such as Smart Speed, Voice Boost and flexible playlists. It helps you listen to more podcasts, try out new shows, and completely customize your experience. User can choose to add or ban specific podcasts in a playlist. In addition, there’s a Priority Podcasts feature that enables the user to select which podcasts float to the top of the playlist. This really makes the playlist approach smart.

Hours Time Tracking

Hours offers a simple & trouble free way of tracking your time on iPhone. It comes with an amazing user interface that displays tracked projects or tasks, with the time spent on them, through a visual timeline. It gives you an option to add more projects below this timeline along with Client and Task information.

The visual timeline enables you to make corrections & adjustments quite easily. You can then export all the tracking data via a custom reporting tool in PDF or CSV format.

This American Life

It is an official app designed for the popular public radio program, “This American Life”. It enables the user to access show’s entire archive of more than 500 episodes. Users can either download shows for offline listening or stream live episodes. The users can even enjoy the exclusive videos, audios and text extras.

This American Life

Real Simple Checklist

Real Simple Checklist comes bundled with more than 100 popular checklists from Real Simple magazine. The users can use these given checklists or create their own customized checklists, set reminders and share tasks with friends or relatives for assistance.


With this app, the users can keep all their stuff at one place. The stuff may include anything from simple notes and documents to images, videos, sound clips, web pages and bookmarks. Also, they can be tagged, previewed and gathered in many different ways.

Bamboo Paper

By simplifying the process of capturing thoughts and ideas, this wonder app can literally turn your digital notebook into a paper one. It makes the process of taking notes, sketching and drawing as simple as working with real pen and paper.

Bamboo Paper App

The above list covers a wide variety of apps from photo and video editors to podcast players. It is quite evident that innovation will keep dominating the mobile application development and no matter how many similar type of apps are out there, there will still be scope for the new one to come.