The Web Design Way to Increase Conversions

The Web Design Way to Increase Conversions
May 02 2016

An appealing website is important to attract the tenant but still one cannot lose the sight of what website is really for: to convert the traffic into: form submission, phone calls, physical visit, sales, contact form submissions,

In simple words the more conversion the site produces, the more revenue business will generate. Below are some simple tactics which one should adopt in order to achieve high conversion rate.

Responsive design

According to a study most of the traffic to most popular sites comes from mobile devices. This number is already significant and will keep on increasing as smart devices continue to reach into the hands of more people every day. In case you don’t have a website which provides a pleasant mobile experience then you are already at a loss.

Responsive design adapt to any screen. Be it the screen of mobile, desktop, laptops and tablets. The entire design fits into the screen making all the features accessible to the user without any compromise in quality. The user can browse the website on any screen and will get the pleasant experience all the time.

Simple design v/s complex noise

Simple design vs complex noise

Years ago certain web design trends caught the world by surprise and they were animation and flash. Today they are not so poplar and clients prefer clean, simple and minimal design where the focus is on the information itself. Don’t go overboard in trying to impress the client with latest technologies in web design. Use them if they are necessary otherwise they will only make the website heavier and client will refrain from visiting any such site.

No stock photos

Stock photos are great for some things such as personal blogs but they surely don’t belong to your company’s ‘about us’ page. It could be very painful for the clients to see that your image does not describe what your team actually does behind the desk. If you really want high quality images then hire a professional photographer and ask him to snap in the real time.
Consumers are not going to be very confident about your business if you will try to convince them about your professionalism using the stock photos.

Simple navigation

When consumers land on your homepage they will search what they have come for. If they have to search for longer period of time then they will move to your competitor’s website for the same product.

The key point is to keep the navigation simple so that clients can see the path clearly and can search what they were looking for. A clear path is required whatever intended task you desire from the customer; whether it is a submission form or specific destination page.

Simple contact page

While displaying phone number is a good idea, many customers want to contact your business via website because they want some information in general and don’t want the product to be sold to them on phone. SO, make it simple for them to contact you by adding a simple contact us form which captures all the essential details and questions you would need in order to answer the query sincerely.

Remove social feed

Social media icons were very popular when social media was new. Now when everybody knows how to connect with brand an business on social media they will do it by themselves if they wanted to. Some sites place them in so vibrant way that these icons began to interfere with the main content which draws the people away from site and thereby affect your conversion rate. If you want to, them place them in corner in a simple and minimalistic way where consumers can notice them and they don’t interfere with the content.

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