iPhone 5 Features

December 17 2012

The technology world is burgeoning with the launching of new iPhone 5, and this news is trending everywhere. The device is adorned with quite many excellent features, but there is something which everyone is missing. The missing features are NFC and wireless charging, which are not included in the fifth generation iPhone. Many people are surprised with not having these two techniques as the part of this gadget but the developers are justifying it with their own reasons. As looking at the current design and size of the phone, it was not possible to equip it with the NFC. Wireless charging on the other hand is removed because some competitors of Apple like Nokia are working with this technology; hence Apple has simply opted out.

If we peep inside some other smart phones which are equipped with wireless charging option, we can easily browse those devices are not as thin as iPhone 5. Thus, to keep the size of the iPhone as thin as possible, the manufacturers had to eliminate the wireless charging from it. Now, the iPhone 5 will be relying on the new Lighting port and cord. It’s anticipated the new technology will provide this phone with better performance, but we will still have to see how efficiently this device works.

NFC sensor on the other hand is a technology which apple has left quite a long time ago. None of the iPad devices or iPods is equipped with this technology. Instead, Apple adopted the technique of business through wireless payment system or scan cards and coupons. For this, the device has its own passbook. At first sight, some people miss these two features but the reason stated behind not including them may unveil why they are not there.

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