AI: The Face of Reformational Mobile App Development

The advent of technology has been a breakthrough in advancing the human race in every possible way. Humans have long dreamed of a world where everything would be automated and require less human efforts. This far stretched vision can be traced back in Greek mythology as well where folklores regarding the Greek God Hephaestus mentioned a world where human-like machines will dominate the human race. As technologies advanced and technologies evolved, humans were able to develop Artificial Intelligence that replaced human efforts with automated machines to some extent. Artificial Intelligence has dominated almost every industry, the business sector being the most influenced domain.

AI and Mobile Applications

From marketing to human resource management, Artificial Intelligence has deployed its features with a view to run the business even more efficiently without any human assistance. As we all know websites and mobile applications are the faces of the brand. It creates a channel between customer and brand and let them connect with the business within few clicks. While the website remains an online identity, mobile applications are the remote solution for customer requirement. The mobile app development has witnessed several transformations with regards to new and innovative technological advancements. In the coming years, mobile app development holds the potential to introduce promising trends in the industry.

Owing to the growing customer demands, real-time access to the brand, and management of the infinite amount of data, Artificial Intelligence was also integrated into mobile app development with a view to stimulating customer engagement with the brand. From intelligent speech recognition to smart chatbots, AI mobile apps have got everything people would be looking for a seamless experience that will turn them into a loyal customer of a particular brand.

“The global market value of AI expected to surge up to USD 89 billion by the year 2025.” – Statistica Report

The above statistics clearly states that Artificial Intelligence is yet to bring new innovations in the business industry. Let’s see how it is revolutionizing mobile app development:-

  • Face Detection

Face recognition is a popular technology that identifies human faces or objects and presents functions in different frames. Combining face recognition technology with Deep Learning, Artificial intelligence enables devices to identify different faces with 98% accuracy. A majority of businesses in the world have adopted Image Recognition (IR) technology for security and tracking based mobile applications.

  • AI Chatbots

Chatbots have showcased their prowess in the business arena and now it’s time to integrate AI in mobile apps to enhance its functionality and promote optimal productivity. Smart Chatbots are becoming a ragingly popular option for businesses to offer enhanced conversational assistance and solutions to their customers. AI mobile apps are here to transform the customer support arena with these smart Chatbots that will address customer requirements and offer personalized solutions to them.

  • Strong App Authentication

AI in mobile app development  is certainly a blessing for developers but it’s not just AI that does everything alone. It is claimed that in the coming years, AI mobile apps will be developed with the assistance of parallel technologies such as predictive analysis, ML algorithms, big data, etc. As there are millions of data involved in Artificial Intelligence, the integration of these enhanced technologies will help in reducing frauds and security threats.

  • AI Advancing Mobile App Development

There’s an app for everything today. More than websites, its personalized mobile applications that make it easier for customers to stay connected with the brand and establish a sense of loyalty towards the brand. As technology advanced, many innovative transformations were witnessed in mobile application development. AI mobile apps were one such reformational change that bridges the gap between efficiency and potency.

AI trends have made it possible for developers to automate mobile app development and relish the multitudinous benefits of acquiring an AI-powered application. Boasting the features of problem-solving techniques, personalized content, app productivity, automated reasoning, image recognition, etc., AI in mobile development has enabled businesses to drive their customers towards the brand and offer them never-before services through their app.