App Landing Page: The Prime Requisites

October 18 2014

An app is usually reached by an app store, web or word of the mouth, web being the most accessible way after the app store. Also, you do not need to be told how many number of people use Internet these days for research, shopping and entertainment; and what potential does a well-designed landing page offers with respect to the conversions.

The conversions can be direct or indirect. For example, downloads are the direct conversions while the email subscribers are the indirect ones. Either way, you can ensure a great engaging experience and make sure that people not only download your app, but spread a word about it too. Your main aim should be to attract as many people as you can to your landing page and make them convert.

App Landing Page

To ensure this, you need to design your landing page in a way that it offers tremendous value and not simply act as an advertising template for your mobile app. Here are a few ways to help you optimize your landing page to yield increased conversions

Catchy Headline

Headline is perhaps the most important element on a landing page. When people are researching on Internet for a particular application, they are often looking at many websites at the same time; and it is this headline on the landing page that makes them stop and read further. So, you need to ensure that your headline is refreshingly different.

You may try to convey the benefit of using your app in the headline. The most effective headlines are short, communicate the required message in simple English and, generate curiosity in customer to read further, at the same time.

Interesting Sub-text

As you evoke interest through your headline, the customer will then move to the sub-text, which primarily carries the message from your headline further. The sub-text usually describes the problem that your app is meant to solve.

You should write the sub-text in a way that it arouses enough excitement in the minds of the users to explore the product and they crave to know more about it. Essentially, your sub-text should prompt a call to action that leads to conversion.

Appealing Picture or video

Visuals play a very important role when it comes to expressing emotions. They communicate a message far more effectively and instantly than words can. You should include an image or video in your landing page that depicts the value of your app.

The simplest way to show a picture is through your app screen, but it is not that effective. The visual should showcase the benefit or the result of using your app.

As far as a video is concerned, you should try to focus on how your app can help the customer, instead of just producing an explainer video depicting your app’s features. Videos can literally give a nitro boost to conversions but only if you develop them efficiently and smartly.

Download links

There is not much science associated to it, but you should make sure that you include the download links on your landing page. If the app runs on multiple platforms, say iOS and Android, ensure that you include both the links. Also, the download links or buttons should be visible in the very first instance without having the visitor to scroll down to reach to it.

Capturing the lead

Your landing page should offer tremendous value to your customer rather than just talk about your app. The more value you deliver to your users, the more attention and viral growth you will achieve. You just need to make sure that you offer enough to capture a lead.

Landing page plays a very important role when it comes to app downloads. The above given ways can really help you boost your conversions and make your app a real success.

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