Smartphones – After Ten Years

March 06 2013

Gone are the days when Smartphones were used to be considered just the big-bros of phones. Now, they are more powerful, more potent and are capable of performing some wonders. This is the scene of today, and if we imagine the scene of ten years ahead, the story is completely different. Mobility has transformed everything in our life, and it will keep transforming – the way we communicate, we sell, purchase, collaborate, or travel.

Below are the five technologies that will be burgeoning in the smart phone industry in the next decade:

3-D display:

Access the smartphone just like the real world, without wearing special glasses, this is going to be the scene of the future smartphones. The next-gen smartphones are going to wear 3-D display and 3-D web browsers, enabling you to not just viewing the stores, but maneuver around in them, just like the Xbox. The products will be visible in the real-life shape, and ecommerce will be a complete new experience.

Biometric security:

Remembering different passwords for different accounts is still a big problem, and it will be resolved with biometric security system in the next-gen smart phones. You will be able to access data and sites by using your biometric authentications.

For example, a sensor will recognize your fingerprints when you touch the screen, or the front-facing camera of the phone will recognize your face to identify you. Voice recognition too can be a feature along with keystrokes. Single biometric authentication may be employed for normal authentication like visiting your Facebook account. On the other hand, if you are doing a high level security activity (such as accessing your bank accounts), multiple biometric authentication may be required.

Wireless payments:

No need to carry a wallet if you are carrying a smartphone. This is going to be the case in forthcoming years as the smartphones are going to replace the traditional money. Credit cards are the option at present, but e-wallets are going to be far more comfy than them. Currently, Google has a mobile wallet that works with Citi MasterCard, and it will support other cards in future. The transaction will also be super-secure eliminating all your worries about security.

Screen-less Smartphones:

Hard to imagine, but this is going to happen very soon that you carry phones without screen. It will not only reduce the size of the phones, but will resolve the battery consumption problem as well. The traditional smartphones wearing a screen will not go away, but you will have screen-less option as well. The entire processing of these phones will depend upon touch and voice, which will connect you to your ultra-intelligent agent. Whatever you need, you will just have to speak and your ultra intelligent agent will perform the action for you.


The smartphones of the future will be interfacing with the smart surfaces. This technology has already started and touch and voice-operated intelligent screens as tabletop computers are accessing the internet. In future, the ultra intelligent agent will perform the flow of data from smartphone to the screen by linking both the devices together.

These are just a few assumptions, and a lot is still to come. Technology world of today follows a simple motto, “what can be done must be done”. All of these technologies are in initial stage at the moment and the question is, who will be the first?