IE 10 Release

March 01 2013

IE 10 was accessible on Windows 8 till now, but from now it will also be available for Windows 7 users as well. The company will update the browsers of Windows 7 users to 95 languages in upcoming weeks, and it will be started with those currently using the IE 10 Release Preview.

Performance Benefits:

IE 10 will eliminate the biggest limitation its predecessors had, which is about the page loading speed. The improved version is capable of loading the web pages 20 percent faster than its predecessors. Faster interactivity and JavaScript performance have also fastened-up and CPU uses and battery consumption will be reduced on mobile PCs.

A number of tests have been conducted and all of them show the superiority of IE 10 over IE 9. It improves the performance of scalable vector graphics (SVG) and HTML4 constructs. 15 percent performance improvement has been noticed in Chalkboard test drives and Speed Reading test drive shows IE 10 is capable of giving 30 percent better performance than IE 9.

Security Benefits:

IE 10 is arriving with a much better privacy policy than other browsers, which limits the unauthorized access of the thieves. Alongside, there is Windows SmartScreen, which has a better approach of security than just showing the users a simple message if the site is unsafe to access. Web application security is also improved with markup and support for HTML5 Sandbox and iframe.

Developer’s Benefits:

CSS Text Shadow, CSS 3D Transforms and CSS3 Gradients, all these features are there to ease the tasks of the developers to create rich visual effects. IndexedDB and HTML5 Application Cache, on the other hand, allow developers to create better offline applications through local storage. The browser is also responsive to CSS3 Positioned Floats, HTML5 Drag-n-Drop, File Reader API and HTML5 Forms, all are used for creating interactive web applications.


Chrome has replaced IE from the position of top-browser in the world between January 2012 and 2013. Currently, IE has 30 percent market share, second to Chrome with 32 percent. Mozilla and Apple show 21 and 14 percent respectively. These figures were based on 5.7 million active browser sessions at the time. Arrival of new browser with so many features can somewhere strengthen the position of IE and hopefully, it will be capable of reclaiming its top seed.

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