Best Reliable Steps to Prepare Any Website for High Traffic Flow and Generation

Best Reliable Steps to Prepare Any Website for High Traffic Flow and Generation
September 12 2016

All websites desire to have or get high numbers of daily visitors on their websites on a frequent basis as that drives the several factors in search engines results. High visitor traffic means more and more people are getting interested in the websites brands, products and services. It also means the website possesses power and influence to access several opportunities through conversion of its prospects into leads.

Websites are built for growth and capacity to handle increase in visitor influx of traffic. That is why it is not only about website design, but also several other factors that determine the future of any success online. These are some great steps that can help ensure websites prepare for high traffic flows.

Excellent Web Hosting Service with Massive Bandwidth:

website hosting and bandwidth have a great role to play in ensuring websites are primed for faster traffic flows. And if poor random service is adopted it puts other several factors of website performance at risk. Web hosting service providers must give excellent platforms with first class service to avoid server time out or be able to fix performance related issues as fast as possible. As an alternative to shared servers, using dedicated host servers providing freedom and functionality to support high loads of incoming traffic is preferable. Employing platforms backed by Content Delivery Network (CDN) adds value and capacity to handle information overload. They have a global reach with ability to deal with high traffic loads from around all over the world and route traffic seamlessly based on visitor demographics. Bandwidth of the website is the actual amount of data transferred through the website at any given time and should be fast enough.

Simplified Website Versions:

some parts added or applied when designing or developing websites like CSS files, animations, scripts, auto-playing videos and large images may actually hamper and slow down data transmission speeds of websites. For instance digital devices like Smartphone’s and tablets users encounter hardship in navigating these sites as the devices can’t support all added parts. Similarly, some mobile browsers don’t support Flash and Javascript and if websites use these largely, it obstructs user experience of Smartphone users. Ensuring HTML based websites, lightweight and perfectly optimized for Smartphone or digital devices faster websites and brings in increased traffic flow from an important segment.

Static Web Page Content:

static web pages contain HTML code blocks showing website physical pages. These are seen and viewed in original format as stored as opposed to generation by other web applications. Dynamic pages dynamically use ASP, PHP and Perl and have livelier interfaces creating engaging appearance yet use extra processing power and memory.
Restricting dynamic web page content on website reduces possibility of crash if lots of visitors crawl in at the same time. Changing dynamic web page content to static page, it simply takes copying HTML source code and pasting it as the new page.

Finally, applying or including benchmark tools like (Y Slow or Google Page Speed) that enable website test on performance on various parameters is a great foresight innovation towards preparation for high speed website traffic flows.

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