Best Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization for E-Commerce Website

Best Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization for E-Commerce Website
April 17 2019

Building an e-commerce business requires investing a significant amount of time, resources, and hard work. From deciding the right product to sell, figuring out the best shipping options, determining the brand and domain name, setting up an e-commerce website and starting selling, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Contrary to the offline store, an e-commerce business allows you to showcase your product and service in front of customers. It further boosts your possibilities to get the targeted audience to visit, explore your offering, interact with you and eventually make a purchase.

However, the entire process is harder than it sounds. If you want to increase the conversion of your e-commerce website, you need to optimize your site and drive in more traffic. Following are some of the ways through which you can increase the conversion rate of your website:-

1 – Get Involved with Your Customers

An e-commerce website should resonate with an in-store experience. While some shoppers would browse your site, find something they like, and buy, there are other shoppers who would want to interact with you to better understand the option. Additionally, with customers becoming more loyal, they would want to offer brand and site regular feedback. Engaging with your customers, getting their genuine feedback, and implementing their suggestions can significantly improve your credibility in the market. You can generate engagement by:-

  1. Surveying your website visitors
  2. Tapping social followers
  3. Extending live chat
  4. Encouraging more customer reviews

2 – Offer Streamlined Shopping experience

People choose online stores for convenience so, don’t complicate your buying process. Buyers today have a short attention span; they are looking for fast and easy shopping. You can facilitate the same by simplifying the checkout process. For instance, if you force visitors to register in order to make a purchase; you might want to reconsider that option. In fact, a report revealed bouncing from e-commerce websites that force visitors to register.

Additionally, offering various payment options is also proven to boost conversion. Approximately, 14% of shoppers abandon their shopping carts when the checkout requires them to fill in too much information.

3 – Optimize Website Navigation

The purpose of top, footer, and side navigation is to make the most frequently searched content of your site easily accessible. By identifying and understanding the preferences of your customers and based on that designing your navigation menu, you can remove friction in the conversion funnel which will make shopping fast and easy. You can implement this by

  1. Only including links that your shoppers find relevant
  2. Using tools for accurate and effective analysis
  3. Creating categories based on the target audience’s searches
  4. Arranging categories by popularity

4 – Keep your Home Page Clear and Precise

You have less than four seconds to make a first impression because that is all the time shoppers need to decide whether they want to continue with you. Often websites make the mistake of adding too many details on one page, making it overcrowded, confusing, and slow. You should focus on keeping it simple with easy navigation in order to boost conversion. Some of the things to include on the home page are:-

  1. Exhibit your top sellers
  2. Include the ‘Add to cart button
  3. Incorporate a carousel slider
  4. Include vital information
  5. Include high-quality product images
  6. Keep product options clear
  7. Ensure to keep the prices visible

Eventually boosting the conversion rate of an e-commerce website is about providing a seamless and convenient shopping experience. To facilitate the same, it is extremely important to understand your audience, monitor their activities and preferences, and lastly implement those in your website in the most effective manner. The E-commerce landscape is all about catering to your targeted audience, so if you want to thrive ensure you are providing solutions that your customers are looking for.

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